Dining sets up to 4 seats. We have a wide range of styles and shapes to choose from, so you're sure to find a set that suits you and your space. It's a good idea to measure up your dining space to ensure there's plenty of room for movement around the table - and if you're looking for a little inspiration in terms of what style will work best, check out our dining table ideas. 0% for 4 Months. 4-Seater Dining Table Sets. 4 Seater Dining Set with White Table 2 Grey Velvet Chairs and 1 Bench - Jade Boutique. Only. This is the perfect choice for smaller households or if space is at a premium, and we have you covered with a brilliant … £399. £429. Oakridge 4 Seater Dining Set - Paris Dining Chairs - … Mercer 4 Seater Dining Set - Louvre Dining Chairs - White. £499. £934.97 or £25.63 a month. Oakridge 4 Seater Dining Set - Lorenzo Dining Chairs. Our 4-seater dining sets are the fast, easy way to put a table and matching chairs at the heart of your dining area. Customer Ratings. Mercer 4 Seater Dining Set - Louvre Dining Chairs - Yellow. £399. Looking for a dining table and 4 chairs? Oakridge 4 Seater Dining Set - Naples Dining Chairs - Grey.


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