With proper integration management, the project activities are completed without any confusion. It is very important because project success highly depends on integration management in terms of schedule, cost, quality, scope, risks, etc. This further facilitates knowledge transfer and helps in solving the issues more effectively. Integration management ensures the project’s progress information is distributed to all the stakeholders for clear information about the phases and transitions. Provides coordination and synchronization throughout the project lifecycle. With an integrated management system, your management systems work together, with each function aligned behind a single goal: improving the performance of the entire organization. Due to proper coordination and synchronization projects can run smoothly. This document is approved and signed by authorized stakeholders. The continuing knowledge gain and utilizing the existing knowledge is the main objective of the project. Visit us at https://www.icertglobal.com/ for more information about our professional certification training courses or Call Now! PMIS is a software application used to collect information. Download our Free PMP Brochure for more information. The collaborative approach between all stakeholders to ensure the ease flow of project processes throughout the project. Project success is dependent on the project management plan. The project schedule is communicated to stakeholders and forms the baseline for project control, that is, the project is continuously measured on the basis of its adherence to the schedule. This is done by using the Project Management Information System(PMIS) or any other automated tool. The authoritative head to plan project management is the project manager. Different organizations adopt different methodologies of project management according to the complexity of the project, and convenience. This process refers to closing the project activities by finalizing all the deliverables of project activities and the documents related to closing the project or phase is prepared by the project manager. The responsibilities of the project managers are expanded by calling them to initiate and finalize the business case development and business benefits management. Ensures due dates,  result,  project lifecycle, and the benefits management plan are aligned. The integration of company processes, competencies, and structure can significantly increase the effectiveness of project and portfolio management. Project integration management manages and controls the team’s or individual performance, or delay due to the input from other teams or departments. The seven processes are: The develop project charter process is a document that is prepared in the initiation phase to formally authorize the existence of the project. Visual tools are used to understand critical project elements rather than a written document. Wish you all the best for your learning initiatives in the new year. You may also be interested in Sample PMP® Exam Prep Questions before you download the Free PMP® Practice Test. It is one of the most crucial processes of project management. The main objective of this process is to improve the project process using existing knowledge and creating new knowledge. Instead of silos, you have a coordinated effort which is greater than the sum of its parts and is not only more efficient but more effective. With proper coordination, the project deliverables are delivered on time according to the plan. The project charter generally includes the objective of the project, stakeholders, requirements, high-level assumptions and constraints, etc. Clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities. The different methodologies such as agile , business analysis techniques, tools to identify complex elements are combined and used as a part of the emerging practice of project integration management. In this process, the resources are released to work for other projects. Your email address will not be published. Project integration management is the combination or consolidation of the results of all the processes of remaining knowledge areas. During the transition phase of project processes, project integration plays a vital role in transferring all the inputs required for the next phase of the project. 1. Project Integration Management is one of the most important aspects of project management. Project managers are also responsible for the identification and engagement of stakeholders. The process of combining all the project plans and sub-plans into a single integrated plan. In this process, the document is prepared and given to the authoritative project manager to use the resources required for the project. The coordination between the resources, stakeholders, and other project elements that ensure to execute the project end to end successfully is Project Integration Management. Copyright © 2012 - 2020 iCert Global - All rights reserved. Project integration management is one of the 10 knowledge areas of project management. In project management, the development of a project schedule contains 5 steps: 1. 7. Importance of Project Management Information System. The key outputs of this process are final deliverables and change requests for the project work. There are many processes involved to achieve the targeted goal and successful completion of the project. This knowledge area runs throughout the 5 phases of project management. Integration management is necessary to ensure there is teamwork and all information is synchronized.


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