His writing has been featured in Curbed, Apartment Therapy, URBAN-X, and more. Read the AWA standards and FAQ; Apply for certification; Find certified farms and products; Questions? And as you’ve probably noticed, many of these eco labels are stamped with a veritable menagerie of critters: bunnies, fish, birds, frogs, and the list goes on. All steps require: Step 4 – Pasture-centered; animals live continuously on pasture with access to shelter. endstream endobj startxref 3828 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[]/Index[3816 20]/Info 3815 0 R/Length 79/Prev 949390/Root 3817 0 R/Size 3836/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream The program seeks to help consumers make smart water choices that save money and maintain high environmental standards without compromising performance. Is Fair Trade Floundering or Flourishing? If you appreciate this resource you can donate here to support our work. What it's found on: Meat and dairy products, eggs, "Animal Welfare Approved (AWA) is a food label for meat and dairy products that come from farm animals raised to the highest animal welfare and environmental standards. %PDF-1.5 %���� Hens are uncaged inside barns or houses, with outdoor access required. �.ʣ@9F*,��aĚ1���)�&� ɰ"�j!d�Q����2�n\��\g����@ʅ�D�x�PyDA�ögު�����"��A=�;I�*�ƿ__�^�-���pKrA����68O�Sjvp�Y@�jE�6D+�5�r���� w���M�]-7%��㭪�{���S�����B�H����=.R%Мp�+�m�`*�� �~_��_�un3����}��6%����ts���z�[�˷������7���Qc{Ӈ��[KC�� Applies to grazing animals (cows, bison, goats, and sheep.) ", Bird Friendly (Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center). Step 5+ – Animals spend their entire lives on a single farm. Pasture raised and continuous outdoor access. �.ʣ@9F*,��aĚ1���)�&� ɰ"�j!d�Q����2�n\��\g����@ʅ�D�x�PyDA�ögު�����"��A=�;I�*�ƿ__�^�-���pKrA����68O�Sjvp�Y@�jE�6D+�5�r���� w���M�]-7%��㭪�{���S�����B�H����=.R%Мp�+�m�`*�� �~_��_�un3����}��6%����ts���z�[�˷������7���Qc{Ӈ��[KC�� The goal of the program is to improve the lives of farm animals by driving consumer demand for kinder and more responsible farm animal practices. The RSPCA Approved Farming Scheme is the RSPCA’s farm certification scheme focused on animal welfare. 2yV��h()Ĩ�HS)n �ٸˆ!Xq3*[�C#rT���0E�pRs��0��� ���@v���0D+��1�T�������Ĥ. Food certified as organic can be a good choice when choosing meat, poultry, eggs, and dairy products. Certified Naturally Grown is an alternative to the Organic label. Antibiotics only for sick animals. Found at Whole Foods Market and expanding to other grocery stores. Audits are done by other Certified Naturally Grown farmers or volunteers, not a third-party inspector. �Y(HX Applies to grazing animals (cows, bison, goats, and sheep) and pigs. In general, chickens raised for meat are not raised in cages. "Animal Welfare Approved (AWA) is a food label for meat and dairy products that come from farm animals raised to the highest animal welfare … If you partake in the time-honored American pastime known as consumerism, which no doubt you do, you’ve probably noticed that in recent years the labeling of consumer products has gotten a little more complex than just a seal of approval from Good Housekeeping magazine. x����n�6�� ��R�0d��ض�]�X�B+>�� o�!%٤L�B�X�����P��/�������Џ���>ͧ��_ �����%h����z:�����u:���o��r�T���������oE�}����ߦ�G�6h�G+n���[��ǧ@�)��)�(Z With this in mind, certification can be too time consuming or expensive for a small family farm to pursue. — Real Simple, April 2008, What it’s found on: Laundry products, household cleaners, floor care products and more, “The Design for the Environment Safer Product Labeling Program advances EPA's mission to protect human health and the environment. Certified Humane Raised and Handled (Humane Farm Animal Care), What it's found on: Meat, poultry, dairy, eggs and more, "Humane Farm Animal Care (HFAC) is the leading non-profit certification organization dedicated to improving the lives of farm animals in food production from birth through slaughter. Y@������F ���`( $�*�;:(�*X0�VDi. Animals raised outdoors on pasture. Most "antibiotics free" claims are unverified by an independent third-party auditor. We support animal welfare through schemes such as Red Tractor, RSPCA Assured and our own-brand animal welfare standards. It also allows for egg production using battery cages, which is widely regarded as one of the most inhumane living conditions. animal welfare approved. h�b```�|�$a��1GT�@H��3��`��h?A��i �>n �u�m��1x&po`�pX�!�Dls�G��Ⳙ��5�v1\x��`���Ⓐ�-�ť���AbEJ�aQ�n����xB�tN�c(�,�DlR���p$%���IJҝ-9n'Z�� nb�!�;�H4Y@S�Y]mn�܎�h`��`��`` R@ You’ve also probably been rendered just slightly overwhelmed when trying to decipher all of these new labels when shopping for groceries (don’t even get us started on coffee, which can get really complicated). Animal Welfare Approved's Online Directory of AWA farms, restaurants and products enables the public to search for AWA farms, restaurants and products by zip code, keywords, products and type of establishment. }��";Ay22f�dS3n\�����O���G� �R�]Lw`eR���G�w��7��[꛶w�v?���]? Certified Wildlife Friendly. Through RA-Cert, the Rainforest Alliance's auditing division, we provide our forestry, agriculture and carbon/climate clients with independent and transparent verification, validation and certification services based on these standards, which are designed to generate ecological, social and economic benefits.”, What it's found on: Wine, beer, produce, dairy products and more, "More than a decade after first certifying farms in Oregon's Willamette Valley, Salmon-Safe has become one of the nation's leading regional eco labels with more than 60,000 acres of farm and urban lands certified in Oregon, Washington, California, and British Columbia. However, this claim is not verified by a third party auditor. ��q��|��7 What Is the Difference Between Vegan and Cruelty-Free Makeup. Every farm is audited. Currently, there are hundreds of green product certification labels in the U.S. alone that have been branded on everything from canned tuna to office furniture to bubble bath to, umm, surfboard wax. So where to begin? �u��9���2k��Ro�罻��;yDI�M�([��C�V�#�[��U������)yA What Does Rainforest Alliance Certification Mean for Palm Oil? Slaughter plants must also be formally approved by AWA. Welfare-oriented slaughter guidelines. In fact, all our own-brand meat, poultry and British dairy products sold under the Co-op brand are produced from farms that are accredited to a national farm assurance scheme, such as Red Tractor, which ensures high standards of animal welfare. Products and services that have earned the WaterSense Label have been certified to be at least 20 percent more efficient without sacrificing performance.”. Design for the Environment labels a variety of chemical-based products, like all-purpose cleaners, laundry detergents, and carpet and floor care products. The Salmon-Safe retail campaign has been featured in 300 supermarkets and natural food stores, delivering important marketplace benefits to participating landowners. Sign up with your email address to receive news and updates, Food Animal Concerns Trust (FACT), 3525 West Peterson Avenue, Chicago, IL, 60659, American grassfed Association (AGA) Certified grassfed, certified grassfed by animal welfare approved. ", What it’s found on: Showerheads, toilets, urinals, bathroom faucets, landscaping irrigation controllers, and more. The USDA defines the term “natural” for meat and poultry as “a product containing no artificial ingredients or added color and is only minimally processed.". Animal Welfare Approved. With consumers becoming more and more environmentally conscious, green product certification labels will likely continue to grow and evolve.


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