Suggestive Curriculum Framework for using computers in Teacher Training Programme: “Computers in Education” Abstract: Computers have become the life line of young generation.The present generation students like to embrace all the things in the ambit of this modern technology. (8) Training through stimulate techniques: The computer can be used to give training to the students through stimulated and gaming techniques. Computers have found wide spectrum of applications. Classification of application of computers in different fields are as follows: Education Field Science & Technology Different Fields in our Life Field Business Library Medicines & Health Information Technology Accounting & Communication Field Networking Entertainment Field Various Field 2 4. In this article, I have described in detail the importance/uses of computer in various fields, e.g. The computer is the luminous invention of modern science and now it is a part of our daily work. Computers have numerous applications in education. Schools and colleges around the world are using computer and internet technologies to teach students digitally and creatively with data visualization. This will help teachers to know the integrated technologies helps in their classroom teaching. Applications of Computer. education, healthcare, engineering, offices, banks, defense, art, entertainment, and online earning, etc. in the use of missiles and other likes, every nanosecond counts, which may save trillions of lives on this planet. Uses of the computer in a classroom will explore creativity and imagination in students’ minds. Top 10 uses of computers in our daily lives 1. Uses of Computers in various fields: Education, Business, Medical and Science June 17, 2015 Basic information of computer , Computer , News 3 Nowadays, all sectors are working with different types of computers and their software to … Uses of the computer in the Education field. (9) Education to handicapped: Computers can be used in providing education to handicapped like deaf and dumb. The computers have to be very powerful and in order to be run they have to be very accurate and precise. This paper will discuss the various usage of computers which make effective learning as well as a teaching process. in-service, must aware about the impact of computers in the field of education as well as their subject area to make learning effective. Some of the fields where computers have found applications are discussed below: Education: Use of computers in the field of education has revolutionalized the way of imparting education.With the help of computers coupled with internet technology and video conferencing, it has become possible to get education sitting home. (7) Laboratory and practical work: Computers can supplement laboratory and practical work especially in science and technology subject. The government also uses computers in various simulations like the spread of influenza in a particular locality. E.g. The various application areas of computer are described below: Banking and Financial company: Computers are used in bank for electronic money transfer, voucher, ledger, bank sheet, etc.


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