Numerous, thin, somewhat woody stems form a prostrate mat (2-3" tall). Here are the steps: First, find a long stem from the plant Prepare a U-shaped stake or wire and secure the stem along with soil with it. Suggested Use: Annual, Ground Cover, Herb, Naturalize, Tolerate: Deer, Drought, Dry Soil, Shallow-Rocky Soil, Air Pollution. There are over 100 thyme varieties. We will give you a starting point. Just be sure to place your thyme where it is sunny as the plant loves sun and heat and protect it from cold. Numerous, thin, somewhat woody stems form a prostrate mat (2-3" tall). The leaves are small but incredibly flavorful. Caraway, Carum carvi, is a member of the Apiaceae, or Umbelliferae family that includes celery, carrot, parsnips, fennel, parsley, and other fragrant flowering plants. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Put soil in the container. Sun. The growing habits of this creeping herb are different from one variety to another. Let’s get to know about thyme first. Thymus Herba-Barona. Caraway Thyme is a culinary herb in the mint family brought to this country from southern Europe. Alternatively, you can also purchase young thyme plants as they are widely available. It has the scent of caraway and grows pale pink flowers. The more you interfere with the thyme, the less hardy the plant will be. Most Commonly Planted Varieties of Thyme Plant. Another low growing variety. Herb gardens, containers. More Information. It takes slightly longer than by layering but doable with young plants. Caraway is a plant. May be sprawled over small rocks or ledges in rock gardens or over walls. After the thyme has finished flowering, trim it. It flows into the silvery Woolly Thyme near the boundary board which separates this garden from the lawn. Flowers are attractive to bees.Genus name comes from the Greek word thymos (name used in ancient Greece for a species of Thymus or Satureja).Specific epithet means herb for flavoring a baron of beef. Easily grown in average, dry to medium, well-drained soils in full sun. The flowers usually appear late spring and early summer. The Caraway Thyme (plant blooming in foreground) is only one year old and has rapidly filled a large space. Also effective as a small area ground cover. Both pink and red creeping thyme also stay short, reaching heights of 4-inches or less. What makes thyme such a great plant is that it doesn’t demand much, especially once it is established. If it doesn’t touch the soil directly, make sure it does, Roots should form along the secured stem in about a month, Cut the rooted part from the main plant and transfer wherever you want. It grows in a cascade, making it perfect as an ornament. Tidying up the plant is also important as it will become woody over time and need to be replaced after 3 years. Spicy orange thyme, creeping lemon thyme and caraway thyme all bear pink blooms and stay short (4 inches or less). Position: Stems are covered with tiny, pointed, glossy dark-green leaves (to 1/4"). It grows best in loose sandy or rocky soils with good drainage. These trays hold 128 of all the same plant. Each plant should be apart about 12 to 24 inches, depending on its variety. It is low growing and spreading in habit with leaves that have a strong caraway aroma. All varieties, however, are a vigorous grower. Pink Lemonade Thyme is the bright green thyme that has the shadow of the tree on it. Your email address will not be published. Between the three, growing thyme from seed is the most difficult and time-consuming. Dislikes moist to wet soils where it tends to rot. Plant Specifications. Here are 4 of the most common thyme varieties. The following is growing thyme from cutting: Growing thyme with layering is the least time-consuming. It grows variegated leaves with minty quality. There is no need to worry. However, once it has grown, you can propagate your thyme and multiply it as many as you want. Prepare a container in which you will grow thyme. Wooly thyme can grow up to 6 … Related to the edible herbs, creeping thymes are also aromatic. The easiest way is by cutting That said, growing it from seed or by layering is not a bad option, either. Creeping thyme ( Thymus praecox ): True to its name, this variety grows as a low mat, only two to three inches tall, with pink, magenta, lavender, or white flowers. The only downside is that it requires an already established thyme to do as it requires a long stem to start from. Outside of the kitchen, growing thyme as a landscaping plant in rock gardens and alongside patios is hugely popular, thanks to its tolerance for dry, hot conditions. In the back, Heretus Thyme is also in full bloom. Check the pinned portion. Thyme Caraway is also included in our Thyme Collection. Wooly thyme may reach … Thyme has many uses, from adding flavor to cooking, antiseptic, preservative to perfume. They are principally grown for the fine texture of the leaves as they spread out to softly blanket the ground, but they also produce flowers of various colors, depending on type. The taller flowering Caraway Thyme is in the foreground to the right of the Woolly Thyme. Thymus herba-barona, commonly called caraway thyme, is a creeping, woody based perennial which is used as an ornamental ground cover and/or as a culinary herb. As for the spacing, make sure you prepare plenty of space for the thyme. Once you have done, cover the container with plastic wrap, In 1 to 12 weeks, the seed should germinate, Once the seedlings reach 4 inches tall, you can plant it wherever you want, Cut a tip of a stem, about 3 inches in length, and clip it, Prepare the exposed part of the stem and apply rooting hormone on it, Then, plant the stem either in vermiculite or sterile sand, In approximately 6 weeks, roots should emerge, Once the roots have emerged, take the plant and transfer it in a pot, preferably a small one, Once it does, transfer the plant directly to the garden or a large pot, Prepare a U-shaped stake or wire and secure the stem along with soil with it. So, how do you harvest thyme? Harvesting in early summer is a good idea as well. The non-blooming thyme in the middle is Elfin Thyme. Your email address will not be published. Although it is thyme, it doesn’t have any scent. As for watering, water only when the soil is completely dry. Clusters of tiny, tubular, deep pink flowers appear in summer. Hardy Perennial. Required fields are marked *. Both pink and red creeping thyme also stay short, reaching heights of 4-inches or less. Either way is fine. That said, all of them are best if they are left alone to grow. This ground covering aromatic herb has caraway scented foliage and mauve flowers which appear in the summer. Noteworthy Characteristics. Leaves have a strong scent of caraway and may be used to flavor a variety of culinary dishes including potato salads, vegetables, or meats. The thing is, gardening tends to take a lot of time and not all of us have the time for it. The Garden wouldn't be the Garden without our Members, Donors and Volunteers. The English reportedly used this herb to flavor barons of beef. Creeping lemon thyme, caraway thyme, and spicy orange thyme produce pink flowers, and the plant remains short, reaching a height of 4-inches. Loose, sandy or rocky soils with excellent drainage are best. No serious insect or disease problems. Trimming it after flowering will promote new growth, resulting in more leaves that you can harvest. This variety of thyme is often used as a ground cover as it grows so low, no more than 2 to 3 inches tall. If you plant it indoors, place it nearby a sunny window. Growing thyme is very easy. That being said, the best time to harvest thyme is when it is at its most productive period: before it flowers.


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