The fairly diverse moveset makes it useful for PvE and PvP. R2 when onehanded is a parry. The fume ultra has a similar moveset to the Pursuer’s ultra greatsword, with the onehanded r1 that is an overhead chop into a wide horizontal sweep, which is very good for baiting people. Upgrades with petrified dragon bones. Notes: has a cooler looking model that was temporarily available from the majula chest. 0. Honorary Rhogar. The chaos blade has a small but interesting niche against bosses. My opinion: The Estoc is a bit more suited on a strength or quality build, due to its B scaling in str, whereas the Espada Ropera having an A in dex makes it better on a dexterity character. Forum Guidelines | Wiki Hub | Article Hub | Wiki Editing Guide. Their moveset is also the same. A perfect evening involves pizza, some tea, some bros, and dark souls. It’s a solid weapon that fits well onto any dex build. This makes it appeal to a lot of people, and with good reason. My opinion: I absolutely LOVE the fume ultra, it’s easily my favorite ultragreatsword. In my opinion, both of these weapons are very impractical. Send me weapons to compare! This attack can block damage, and CAN be guard broken. BWO_RazrSrorm. Dark Souls II: Blacksteel Katana Vs. Uchigatana, dark souls 1, silver knight straight sword v. balder side sword, dark souls 2, gyrm greataxe, giant stone axe. Moderator Trainee. It also has a different moveset, which could just come down to personal preference, though in my opinion i prefer that of the gyrm greataxe. Scaling at max upgrade: E in str, A in dex. The Gyrm Great Hammer, or the Demon's Great Hammer / Drakekeeper Great Hammer? The uchi’s twohanded r2 is a right to left slash, into a slash similar to the blacksteel’s onehanded r2. On my 40/40 build, the uchi had an AR that was only higher by 3 points, and if dex is levelled beyond 40, the blacksteel will most likely surpass it eventually, but not by very much. The main difference in its moveset is that it has the twohanded r2 of the zweihander, being a slow stab into an around the body swing, and the special attack. Skill: Hold Assume a holding stance to rapidly execute a lunging slash with a normal attack, or a deflecting parry with the strong attack. Notes: Decent range, poor tracking. Discuss the latest Dark Souls Title! Between the two though, i’d say i have to prefer the guardian tail, as the poison buildup can help in a pinch, and overall it just has much better range. 4610 41. It has one of the most incredible and diverse movesets of a katana. If you can’t picture that, it has a very horiztontal sweeping moveset that, with its range, could easily punish people circling for a backstab. Notes: Standard katana. Spamming that is a poor idea, as it CAN be guard broken, which leaves you in a bad spot. However, it deals no damage to the wielder, making it more suitable for PvE in some cases. Overall, neither is truely superior, they both have their uses. Notes: Made from the soul of the Fume Knight. Demon’s Souls First Patch for PS5 Fixes Stability Issues, Fallout 76 Brotherhood of Steel Update Releases Earlier Than Expected, Monster Hunter Film Collaboration Event with Monster Hunter World Iceborne, Demon’s Souls Builds: Blueblood Spellsword (PvE). Chaos blade VS Uchigatana: Hajime! A twohanded r1 against the old knights in heides tower at bonfire intensity 2 hits 323 without the buff. The greatsword deals pure physical damage, and a lot of damage at that. The onehanded r2 and rolling attack are standard katana attacks, but the onehanded r1 is a lot like the great machete’s 1h r2 followup, but then goes into the normal katana followup. Notes: Made from the soul of Sir Alonne. Notes: Made from the soul of the Last Giant, upgrades with petrified dragon bones. (hits while the opponent is rolling will still trigger this). Does 20 damage to self on each swing. At 40/40/12/12 str/dex/int/fth, the weapon has an incredible AR of 645. Twohanded r1s, r2s and rolling attacks cannot be parried. though the dragon bone fist’s r2 is pretty funny. Balder side has the benefit of higher scaling, lower weight and requirements and a full stabbing moveset with great range. The gyrm great hammer also has the same scaling, getting +147 at 50 str, the only difference with it, is its moveset, base damage and requirements. Maybe you put the / between them in the ask because you knew this but i figure i should cover it anyways. The chaos blade’s r2’s are very slow and telegraphed, and can be parried easily, and consume a lot of stamina. Moveset [edit | edit source] Attack Description One-handed Weak Attack Fast, vertical cuts. Overall, theyre both really fun dex straight swords, it just depends on if you want a more vanilla stabbing moveset, or something a bit more unpredictable and underused. Upgrades with demon titanite. For I am the Lord of Gifs, and I am here to bring the dankest of memes the internet has to offer! The only difference in their moveset is their r2s. The only upside i can see to the kings ultra is the damage. Man takes up the sword to protect the small injuries that burdened his heart, on a distant day beyond his memories. Souls: 27,030.00 . Uchigatana is a Weapon in Dark Souls 3. (30 end w/ third dragon ring, can swing gyrm greataxe 5 times onehanded, only 4 with giant stone axe). ). Twohanded r2 is a diagonal slash into another diagonal slash, same perks as the onehanded r2. Making it a very powerful katana that has a slightly longer reach than the uchigatana. Mostly because of how efficient it is when you 2hr2 it to against strength builds. The onehanded r2 is an overhead chop into an around the body swing. Uchi’s r2’s are much faster, and reach much farther than the chaos blade’s r2’s. The katana's curved blade, along with its use of high-carbon steel, allows it to flex without breaking. The fume ultra’s 1h r2 and twohanded parry are replaced by an attack where you block, then quickly preform an overhead chop. As you have to level strength, int, faith to use this weapon AND vitality to be able to roll decently with it, it can be hard to integrate into a SL150 hex pvp build, so twohanding it at 20 str can be a better way of keeping levels low. Notes: Very short range, low damage despite S in str. I prefer both but in an actual choice I like the Laito over the Uchigatana. Requirements: 40 str, 10 dex, 12 int, 12 fth, Base damage at max upgrade: 370 physical, 130 dark, Scaling at max upgrade: C in str, D in dex, A in dark. At 40 dex, chaos blade has an AR of 362, whereas the bewitched alonne sword has an AR of 313. Notes: Made from soul of Quelaag. It just depends on your build and playstyle for which you prefer. My opinion: While they’re not all that different, i personally think the gyrm greataxe is a bit better. 36 bleed per swing. Currently undergoing a dangerous adventure with a friendly dragon. Fairly vanilla in my opinion though. This katana can be monstrous to paired up with power within. Notes: Deals increased durability damage compared to other weapons. Scaling at max upgrade: A in str, E in dex, Notes: Has a different moveset than most greataxes (1h r1s are horizontal swings that dont connect with the ground). reim0027. Scaling at max upgrade: S in str, D in dex. Upgraded with petrified dragon bones. Scaling at max upgrade: E in str, C in dex. Overall, it just comes down to which moveset you prefer. The overhead swing covers a surprisingly long range, and breaks high poise for being a straight sword if i recall correctly.


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