So-called chicken strips are the outside edges of motorcycle tires that are worn less than the center strip, if at all. I’ve never seen Gold Wingers or dirt bikers chalking "LEAN MORE" on the edges of the slow guy’s tire. Most street tires end up looking something like this. These are most noticeable along the outer edges of new tires. RevZilla photo. Metzeler photo. Staying upright is just so much more fun than laying down a bit too much and kissing the pavement. Total Motorcycle Forum: 20 Years, 350k posts, 315 Million Readers And if you do see chicken strips on a front tire, it’s probably just had a tire rotation from the rear to the front (though that rarely happens, as we evidently know). In fact, if the tire does not possess these strips when you first purchase it, questions may be raised in regard to whether the tire is actually in brand new condition or has been previously worn. RevZilla photo. We have updated our Privacy Policy. or create an account There are a number of ways in which you can attempt to avoid having chicken strips on your tires, however, as we mentioned above, it is far from a simple exercise. We can except the front tire of just about every motorcycle from being an indicator of a rider’s ability to handle their machine properly. Consider a loose interpretation of the Five Second Rule. While these may lead to some playful banter among the group, they are really a natural occurrence which you should try not to overthink. Looking for more adventures? Bring on the questions. Not only does it look different with this stripe, but it also feels different to touch. Chicken strips don’t necessarily mean a bike never gets leaned over. But you don't need to be a pro racer on slicks. Similarly, you can try altering your riding speeds and surfaces as well as your suspension settings. If you seriously want to remove them however, we hope that you can find a method within this article to help in your mission. Chicken strip shaming is real yet it’s just a way for motorcycle riders to give crap to each other. If you click on them and make a purchase, we may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. However, it is a mistake to believe that this is the only cause of chicken strips, as we have outlined above. While the keyboard warriors may have their own opinion, we’re all about safety and skills development here at Frontaer. Hi, I'm Teddy! If you’ve ever been to a bike meet, people will often walk around, sizing each-other up based on what’s come to be referred to as “chicken strips” or more commonly, the amount of unused rubber on the edges of the tire. No. And while a thoroughly thrashed tire can often be found on an experienced rider’s bike, you can also find them on totalled bikes at the salvage auctions. your ZillaCash Rewards on a future order with us! © 2020 Frontaer Pty Ltd. All Rights Reserved. You might also see chicken strips on a freshly changed tire. Even an amateur riding a moderate pace at a track day will usually wear the rear tire all the way to the edge of the tread. Judging other riders by their chicken strips isn’t all that insightful, but way too much chicken-strip-shaming goes on anyway in some circles. Your motorcycle’s tires might have chicken strips on them. Editor Lance says, “The only time I've seen street-legal front tires fully scrubbed to the edges was on Supersport bikes raced by MotoAmerica pros.” Do not concern yourself with this particular poultry. The system of thought exists among many which correlates leaning into corners with the effective removal of chicken strips from new tires. There is a distinct color change and you can always recognize the ‘new guy’ to the motorcycling world by their evidence of chicken stripes. Clearly my riding skills have improved. Photo by Lance Oliver. Chicken strip shaming is real yet it’s just a way for motorcycle riders to give crap to each other.


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