Make your way to the end of the Concealed Void Lost Sector in Asterion Abyss so you reach the boss room. There are no waypoints on the map of where you need to go, or what you’re looking for. After killing a ton of enemies with Stasis abilities, you'll be prompted to find Spider's associate in a Lost Sector to receive a series of Skiff codes. First thing is first, complete Beyond Light's campaign. If you succeed, Salvation's Grip is yours to play with. Again as I mentioned above there are a total of 9 shards so you can check out our complete Entropic Shard guide here if you wish to grab the others. New York, One side mission that will help you unlock a Stasis Aspect is given to you by the Exo Stranger upon completion of the first step of the Born in Darkness quest-line you start in the endgame. In this room go behind the stairs and you will find the Entropic Shard underneath them. It's great in PvE, however, easy to charge up shots, rattle them off, and smash smaller enemies that happen to get caught in its maelstrom. Once you do destroy all 5 listed above you will get a new quest step to commune with the Crux of Darkness. Just be sure not to start the 'Dark Priestess' quest from Variks. Like previous exotic rewards, Salvation's Grip can be used to destroy Destiny 2 Entropic Shards throughout Europa. To complete this step make your way to the Crux of Darkness inside Riis-Reborn Approach (room you got Slavation’s Grip from). Thankfully, there’s a specific location on your map. Struggling with the Destiny 2 Salvation's Grip quest? NY 10036. Your email address will not be published. From time to time, his barriers have lowered and he's let us in on a secret or two. Destiny 2: Beyond Light Aspect of Control guide – Where to find Entropic Shards. Make your way to the large vex structure in the center of the area and climb the northwest end of it. Salvation's Grip is a Stasis Energy heavy grenade launcher. The Drifter has won many a Guardian's heart: His quick wit and self-assured nature has put him in good stead with the community. Receive mail from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors? The next quest step is fairly simple to complete but does require a fair bit of combat. I'll explain why shortly. The weapon he speaks of is Salvation's Grip, Destiny 2's first Stasis energy weapon. These side quests reward players with different bonuses including ways to customize the Stasis sub-class. Firing its projectile results in an explosion that produces stasis crystals. To advance this quest you only need to destroy 5. by. But if you saved the 'Dark Priestess' quest from the previous step, you can actually complete this quest and it will count towards this particular step, saving you some precious Herealways Pieces in the process. The second step in this quest is a little vague. Getting to the Aspect of Control quest takes quite a bit of effort in Destiny 2. You need to make your through several quests, such as the Stasis Prototype, taking down the Fallen Empire for Variks, and running all over Europa. There are five distinct locations for you to visit on Europa where you can find those shards. Equipping Shatterdive allows you to slam to the ground shattering enemies. Look for the large rubble of the building and you will find it underneath a destroyed set of pipes and a catwalk. Turns out he wants you to liberate a top secret weapon from a heavily fortified base in the Stealing Stasis mission. Once you've found the lost sector, you need to reach the end and kill the boss. Head back to Europa and fire up the mission. The reason I suggest the ones above is that they are all in the general vicinity of each other making them fairly quick to get. Head over to it, and then when you arrive, commune with the Darkness pyramid. These side quests reward players with different bonuses including ways to customize the Stasis sub-class. Visit our corporate site. The first step requires you to visit Europa and kill Fallen Captains and Servitors. Starting the site back in 2016, Eli has poured blood, sweat and tears into making HtR a premiere spot for neckbeards and nerds alike. There are a number of side missions for players to complete in Destiny 2: Beyond Light. After you survive the endless waves of enemies, you will gain the first aspect of your armor. Getting to the Aspect of Control quest takes quite a bit of effort in Destiny 2. When you find them, use Salvation’s Grip on them. Whether you rate it or hate it, Salvation's Grip is a landmark entry to your exotic collection. Highlights Black Friday Forum Release dates Hyrule Warriors Character List Destiny 2 Dead Exo locations Destiny 2 Entropic Shard locations: How to advance the Aspect of Control quest step There was a problem. Luckily, we’ve already broken that down for you. You need it for the first task. It lies at the end of a long and difficult quest, but it's a weapon worth pursuing. Here's how to complete the Destiny 2 Aspect of Control quest, and get the new exotic. Jamie Moorcroft-Sharp; November 15, 2020. Can be seen from off the main path running from Asterion Abyss into Eventide Ruins. Once you’ve done a good chunk of what’s on offer in Destiny 2 Beyond Light, and I mean a good chunk, you’ll come up against Aspect of Control. This lost sector is the only one in Asterion Abyss. it requires for you to return to the Crux of Darkness in Riis-Reborn Approach. When you interact with the Crux you will trigger enemies to spawn in. Completing these quests will unlock further Stasis Aspects you can equip to alter the class. Please refresh the page and try again. The next step in the quest is also straightforward: Kill a load of enemies with Stasis abilities. You will receive a verification email shortly. In Aspect of Control, you need to scour across Europa to find five Entropic Shards. In this room approach the Crux and interact with it. Stealing Stasis can be tough for a low Power Level Guardian, so ensure you are sitting around Power Level 1060 to save falling at the final hurdle in this mission. There are a number of side missions for players to complete in Destiny 2: Beyond Light. They can be found all over Europa and if you're completing Variks' post campaign missions, this step will fly by. You can now equip it, test it out, and look forward to earning fragments to modify what your aspects do for you, and how they function. On the right corner of the window is the Entropic Shard. November 14, 2020. In total there are 9 of these shards in various locations (with the Studying Darkness Triumph being tied to destroying them all). Go through RIIS Reborn Approach until you reach the room you enter after riding the second gravitational lift up. November 14, 2020. Read more to know about Destiny 2 Aspect of Control … Their Aspect of Control quest has been the talk of the gaming community lately. Speak to them to complete the mission. Once the enemies are cleared out commune with the crux to receive Shatterdive – Stasis Aspect. Don't sit there in stasis, get hunting with this handy Destiny 2 Aspect of Control guide. Destiny 2 makers have been adding a lot of new content to their game now. But he's also a reticent fellow, hoarding motes for no apparent reason and with a peculiar fondness for darkness. Make your way into the Bunker 15 Lost Sector in Eventide Ruins. The 5 shards I recommend you pursue are: This Entropic Shard can be found in the Asterion Abyss area of Europa. When you finally get your hands on those precious codes, you'll need to return to the Tower and speak to The Drifter. The shard is there next to some ice. Thank you for signing up to PC Gamer. Once you’ve complete the Crux of Darkness quest step head back to the Exo Stranger at the campsite. They look like mini pyramid ships and can be destroyed with a shot from Salvation's Grip. It's hopefully the first of many Stasis themed weapons Bungie will unveil in the year to come. PC Gamer is part of Future US Inc, an international media group and leading digital publisher.


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