All can be made in 45 minutes or less. We've also got several different pastas, including the elemental Spaghetti with Tuna and Caper Sauce shown here and an irresistible creamy one-pot tuna pasta with arugula and asparagus. Bell peppers are cooked until tender and jammy to create a sauce. Andrew Purcell, Credit: Here's a quick meal with a lot of comfort: the diner classic, a tuna melt. Now that you have the right tuna on hand, check out our recipes that include unexpected spins on classics like tuna salad served in an avocado half, tuna melts with briny additions like pickles and olives, and a modern tuna casserole that also features cauliflower for a super delicious result. Martha Stewart is part of the Meredith Home Group. If you have tuna and pasta, you can make dinner in no time. Put it on top of your favorite toast and finish it with any melty cheese— like cheddar, Monterey jack, or mozzarella—that you have on hand. ... Tuna Salad Recipes ... A fast and easy way to prepare a pretty classic nacho treat, with ground, browned turkey meat. Sure, there are many ways to prepare tuna salad, and everyone has their favorite, but we insist that you try this recipe. Here, get our best grilling recipes for everything from fish and meat to pizza and oysters. A bit of pickle juice adds immense flavor while a small amount of basil, or any herb you have on hand, adds a burst of freshness. Martha Stewart may receive compensation when you click through and purchase from links contained on vegetable. Serve it sandwiched between bread or over a bed of fresh salad greens. Make environmentally friendly choices by selecting sustainably caught fish, which will typically be labeled pole and line or troll caught—these two methods have minimal impacts on other marine life. Making sushi is not as hard as you think, especially when you try making handrolls. Enjoy it for dinner and use any leftovers in a sandwich the next day. Johnny Miller, Credit: Easy Canned Tuna Fish Tacos. Butternut squash might be fall's most versatile (and beloved!) Place chips in a single layer on a large baking sheet and top with tuna mixture, top with shredded … Start by doctoring up a can of tuna with mayonnaise, lemon, and cilantro—think: spicy tuna with the spice on the side. Just top steamed rice with tuna, cucumber, hard-boiled egg, edamame, and nori for a balanced meal that's ready in 10 minutes. You likely wash your hands several times a day, but are you doing so effectively? Use leftover bread and open up a can of tuna and another can of beans. Turn canned tuna into an unexpected meal by forming it into cakes. A drizzle of soy sauce dressing brings the bowl together for plenty of Hawaiian. The kids and my husband love it. There are so many delicious ways to use this hard-shell squash, from soups and salads to lasagna and pizza. Use this pantry-friendly protein for more than tuna salad sandwiches. Keep everything from your countertops to your dining room chairs germ-free. A drizzle of soy sauce dressing brings the bowl together for plenty of Hawaiian. Browse our easy-to-make recipes that turn eating canned tuna into a delicious culinary experience. Next, decide between oil-packed tuna, the favorite in our test kitchen, or water-packed tuna. This might just be hummus 2.0. Serve with your favorite condiments like soy and hot chili sauce. Tuna-packed in olive oil has extra flavor and juiciness but tends to cost a bit more and has higher calories and fat. Enjoy it warm or make it ahead of time and eat the dish cold. It's time to use canned tuna for more than just the classic tuna salad: This type of tinned fish has come a long way in quality and flavor and has earned its place in your regular dinner rotation. After that, it's just a matter or whisking up a lemon vinaigrette and assembling the remaining ingredients. Just top steamed rice with tuna, cucumber, hard-boiled egg, edamame, and nori for a balanced meal that's ready in 10 minutes. We also think you'll love how cauliflower, a decidedly unexpected addition, pairs with the creamy sauce. Serve these cakes on top of greens with your favorite condiments or treat them like a burger patty substitute and stack them between a bun with ketchup or tartar sauce and crispy lettuce and tomato. Enter to Win $10,000 to Makeover Your Home! Welcome guests to your home this autumn with rustic gourd garlands, decorated pumpkins, and wreaths and centerpieces made from foraged materials. Spread a little Tex-Mex magic with top-rated nacho recipes, from the traditional to the wildly inventive to the downright loco. Hosting fewer guests this holiday season due to the coronavirus pandemic? When you need a comforting meal but don't have a lot of time, whip up one of these fast pasta recipes. Explore the best in fall perennials and start planning your autumn garden's layout. Drain off the water or oil before using the fish, but reserve a little extra oil for drizzling over the finished dish—you won't be sorry you did.


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