The lessons are educational, but enjoyable and fun. Yes, the class is tough. Its location on this page may change next time you visit. How is that I am harassed if I go a few days without turning in an assignment, but if the teacher takes unusually long to grade such assignment, it makes ME look bad if I harass them about grading. Full-time students can choose to follow the traditional 180-day, semester-based school calendar or a more flexible option to suit their needs. You click through the cumbersome lengthy lesson - reading EVERYTHING, EVEN PE, BECAUSE THERE ARE NO ONLINE TEACHER INSTRUCTION VIDEOS, then go to your Word docs. They said I can "take a break" whenever I needed one. I do not like when I have a question about an assignment and I don't get a response within a couple hours during the weekday. Sure, let me drop everything with my family and my delicious dinner to tend to the queen's wishes. She couldn't leave the page and open a second page to make it easier or it would give her a zero and log her out. It really prepared me for having to do college classes online due to COVID-19. Our daughter was a straight A student until high school. Her counselor told us about FLVS. Homeschool Hub: I had one teacher kick me from a course after I had told her that I was going on vacation and could not do my assignments until after I got back. I am a full time online student, and I the app makes me have to log in every few minutes, and it says there was no activity on my account even though I am working on the lesson! If you want a better education and to get ahead, please, for the love of God, find a different online program than FLVS or just dual-enroll in high school. FLVS is a wonderful place to work. SOOO glad my parents chose FLVS for my sister and I. FLVS is literally the best!!! We've had great experiences with all, the best of which was homeschooling using another online program - not FLVS. Now do it with no video instruction. Florida Virtual School gave me autonomy, helped me learn discipline, and gave me an opportunity to raise my grades from D's and F's to A's and B's and raise my GPA from 1.7 to 2.6. And I have severe social anxiety, so I can't just talk to my teachers over Zoom or whatever like they expect me to. Now im behind because I have other classes and actual school to worry about yet these teachers act like I have freetime all day everyday with the number of assignments we have to turn in.FLVS is and has been the worst experience of my life so far. Im currently in 10th taking Biology and Precalc with the flex program. See reviews below to learn more or submit your own review. FLVS IS NOT HOME-SCHOOLING. Flvs provides us with opportunities to collaborate with other students in our class and join different clubs! DO NOT use Florida Virtual! It is an online school so it is seen to be more difficult to maintain but the faculty runs it very smoothly for the students and help is provided. I was enrolled in Florida Virtual School for Algebra 2 my instructor (Ms Greene) was wonderful. And they answer your questions quickly. This is an amazing school that allows students to get the help that they need from the teachers. Smart. It is a waste of time! When I submit assignments, it takes the teachers more than a week to grade something that has a simple answer key and anyone with a third-grade education could grade within an hour. My parents can't even help my situation. When needed they give helpful feedback quickly. Sign up to receive our free weekly newsletter. Classes are free to Florida residents and available on a paid basis for those outside the state. All Rights Reserved. Teachers are mediocre and incompetent at best. I still have 1 more semester to complete with them but I have to say it was by far the best decision. There are no online videos helping you out, begging the question, "Why the heck is this called Virtual school?" When trying to determine if my high school son should take a FLVS Flex class I read all the reviews and found myself more confused than ever. Generally, people ask me " can you even make friends in virtual school?" The teachers are invested in their students and want us to succeed 100%. She also told us what to expect every week; DBA's, scheduled calls if needed for assistance and she would text me with regular updates. This program is so incredibly bad at teaching anything that if you asked what I had learned from the program I honestly couldn't tell you. Here lately, I've been taking my sweet time on my courses. Please. The grades that your high school-aged children earn through FLVS can be plugged directly into their transcripts. FLVS is by far the worst online learning program in existence and needs severe review. I do not recommend this place, right from the start. Copyright © 2020 Consumers Unified LLC. The professor were awesome, definitely the right characteristics for teaching online. Hope this helped! They’re super helpful and want to see you succeed. You should try to take a math test over the phone without seeing the math problem and having a ** spoiled brat be impatient with your child and say, reschedule your DBA. It's a thousand things. I've been taking FLVS flex classes since 8th grade. FLVS IS GREAT, and this is coming from a 6th grade student who isn't very fond of school. The whole format is like that. Access to teachers: Our daughter thrived in this online environment. This is a school that allows you to go at the pace you set yourself at. Moreover, frequently the system also says "404- invalid session" at random times when I am on the lesson. Great place to work. I have taken seven FLVS courses throughout my high school experience to get ahead of the rest of my class and I am currently a junior in high school. Even with electives like Photography and PE. I joined in my second semester of junior year, and I will be completing my senior year with them. The teachers were overworked and she got lost in the shuffle. Through no fault of the teachers. Great opportunity. The assignment are really fun! Florida Virtual School is a very helpful in me completing my high school diploma. As well as AP classes. It can be challenging to create a work-life balance when work is home and home is work. They also offer so many resources to help you in your studies. The login itself is needlessly & stupidly multi-step as if the programmers are new to the World Wide Web. Please don't take any FLVS classes unless you absolutely have no other choice. She completely ignored what I said, and told me the reason why I got dropped from the course, was because she "called" my dad and didn't get a "call back", but he never got a call from her in the first place. She wanted to make sure she understood his goal and make sure we understood the requirements. Our entire family agrees, it was the worst, most needlessly stressful few months of our family's life. They said we could work at our own pace. I personally value the flexibility of Florida Virtual, enabling me to work and learn at the same time. Now his daughter is a student. I love the freedom the FLVS Flex program gives me. Judging from the start, I do not think I want to continue at all, They are not willing to accept Social Security Statements as proof. Find Broward Virtual School test scores, student-teacher ratio, parent reviews and teacher stats. Florida Virtual High School SUCKS.


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