What do they cost? Not just a string-change jockey - a real luthier who knows his/her stuff. They look clunky or...they don't fit the style of my guitar! All Rights Reserved. So, here are the major companies making locking tuners. Retrofit right in - no messing around... but locking tuners offer a quicker and easier to manage string change solution. Hipshot is a popular name within the locking tuner space. Have your guitar set up and evaluated by a professional. It doesn’t matter how great your technique is or what kind of gear you have if your instrument won’t stay in tune. Then you crank the tuner knobs until the you have sufficient string wound around the tuner shafts so they don't slip and then stretch you the windings so they stay. These shipshot tuners come with a Universal Mounting Plate (also called UMP). Grover 502C Roto-Grip Locking Rotomatics. The key advantage of locking tuners over traditional string wrap or string insert (a la Fender) is a matter of simplicity and speed when changing the strings and stability with no slippage once everything is set. Buying the new slimmer locking versions can be one way to avoid this disadvantage, but for those who prefer the look of a traditional tuner, even the relatively slim and attractive versions of locking tuners aren’t quite right. If you've come this far and are set on making a change for more stable tuning. We would recommend a name brand due to the fact that since the tuners clamp on a hardened steel string, you'll want to be assured that the tuner clamping mechanism will last as long as the tuner gear system. With locking tuners though, tightening the strings takes just a half turn of the tuning peg—a much quicker and more convenient way to put new strings on your instrument requiring no bridge balancing and minimal stretching if any. The most commonly cited disadvantage of even the best locking tuners is their bulky headstock appearance. Still, we'd like to stress that the changes aresmallcompared to the benefits once installed. If you've come this far and are set on making a change for more stable tuning, we've taken the time and trouble to select (in our opinion) the four best locking tuners on the market. You could always just put a new set of the same tuners on your guitar. Fender Locking Tuners. If you've come this far and are set on making a change for more stable tuning,we've taken the time and trouble to select (in our opinion) the four best locking tuners on the market. Here we have the gold Magnum Lock-Trad guitar tuners, which look sharp, and if gold is your preferred finish, then this is one worth considering.. Best of luck keeping it that way. Simple, easy and efficient and no slippage. The Hipshot 3×3 locking tuners (Reverb.com) are an excellent choice for quality, reliability and importantly tuning stability. Hipshot. I know, I've done it. Hipshot tuners can simply drop into the slots of all Epiphone and Gibson Les Paul guitars for a quick and easy upgrade, no modifications or drilling required. SnowfaLL SS.org ... but the PRS bridge with locking tuners is just as rock solid in both tuning and smoothness. Environmental factors like temperature, corrosion, fatigue and humidity also impact stability. 12505 W BLUEMOUND RD, BROOKFIELD, WI 53005, Tues-Fri: 11a-7p CST, Sat & Sun: 10a-5p CST, Mon: Closed. Tell the pro what the 'pain points' of your instrument are, i.e., I think my strings stick (is it at the nut or string retainer?) My guitar doesn't intonate properly. Somewhere between $60 - $120 for a name brand set of six depending on mfr. Are they worth the hassle? We know, we know: the idea of anyone drilling holes in our precious guitar can cause us to run from the room clutching it. Once they eliminate all the other issues but staying in tune still remains a problem, your tuners are probably the culprit. A big part of guitar design work is to minimize the inherent flaws so that the player won't notice them while playing...and let's face it, keeping guitar strings in tune is a big, ongoing part of any player's problems. Correct tuner performance is crucial to the rest of the guitar's performance: if they're supposed to hold strings in place but don't perform that simple function, what's the point? Is my bridge the problem (if vibrato, stop piece, TOM, etc.)? Can be done at a gig between songs, if necessary. Locking tuners offer the next evolutionary step in the refinement journey. Depends...are you frustrated with the current tuning accuracy of your guitar and want to improve it without a lot of cost and hassle? Copyright 2020 Cream City Music. If you have a Floyd Rose type locking bridge & nut, it becomes half rocket science/ half art to balance the bridge while you are intonating AND ALSO tuning the floating bridge. We have chosen not to list these here. we've taken the time and trouble to select (in our opinion) the four best locking tuners on the market. Gotoh is another well-recognized, well-regarded brand in the guitar parts space. (not including installation). The Hipshot locking tuners are great to get your hands on if you are absolutely against drilling into your headstock to make room for your locking tuners.


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