Edit: Nearly 12,000 views and THE top rated guide on HOI3! Starting at the top of the right half and working down, the column on the left (in the blue rectangle) shows our resources, supplies, money, fuel and their daily rates of change. The Nukes will stay at zero until you are pretty far along Hearts of Iron III’s massive tech tree. It also alters the softness rating (percentage of unarmoured vs armoured composition) of the division. Next to the mini-map is a screen with text that will provide notifications of what is happening to your country and throughout the world. but knowing these things can make your life easier ingame. Aircraft use and tasks Click on the Division Button. Copyright © 2020 Bright Hub PM. All Rights Reserved. To truly keep track, manage, and enjoy your battles the game needs to be at a medium or slower speed. The player is provided plenty of time in helping shape what that new history may become. The 1936 scenario is designed to allow the game to likely follow a very different course from history. Marseille Head Quarters wanted three bomber wings and an armour brigade. Production in Hearts of Iron III can be left in the hands of the AI, but it is one of the more satisfying aspects of the game, short of the military strategy. The little red downward double arrow will send the battleship to the back of the line. The German army is poised to strike at Poland and it is an excellent opportunity to learn how best to employ your units. Having extra items in the queue means that as economic factors change, you can just send any excess to production and not be wasting it. You can either look around your forces, which we discuss in the next article, and decide what to build on your own, or there is a sort of semi-AI at work you can use. It was last updated for Consumer Goods is the industrial production needed to keep dishes clean on the home front. If you mouse over various aspects there will usually be a tool tip that will pop-up and give you more information. Australia is an excellent way to learn the navy in a simplistic setting, and also provides some insight into resource management and overseas logistics. For now, lets look at the right half of the window. Threat is represented between every country in the game. Also, three bombers seems extravagant. All rights reserved. These changes can be made when starting a new game, but they can also be turned on and off as needed at any time during the game. It is possible to decrease neutrality with the proper minister. Consider opening new fronts to create an advantage, either on land or via amphibious assault. Serial & Parallel construction: Serial production is the ideal method for creating units: units are produced one at a time, which means the next in the series benefits from practical knowledge increases. Germany can be a good choice in the 1939 scenario to learn how to control your military. Edit: Nearly 12,000 views and THE top rated guide on HOI3! For players who have never played a previous Hearts of Iron game, selecting a nation that was (more or less) at peace during WW2 is a good starting point. Non core territory: Resources that are created in a non core territory are produced at a 50% penalty to production. 5. Ship tip The yellow square is the main building queue, and below that, in the green square, are requests coming in from theatre commanders. queue up 50-70 technologies at any given time) and let the system run hands-off for a year or so. As Germany, for example, keep threat missions going against France, the UK, and the USSR so that other countries become less inclined to join the Allies or the Cominterm. It is a regional power in South America: having a relatively strong industry and a reasonable military capacity. In each phase you have a certain number of point to spend, and you can normally gain more of these points by giving up resources you nation possesses in order to buy other things. Show items tagged with all of the selected terms: Click here to learn more about Steam Guides, A couple of random tips you might find usefull. For more information, see Intelligence strategy or you can see the video tutorial on Intelligence here: Hearts of Iron 3 FTM - Basic Tutorial - Episode 7 - Intelligence. Thanks a load to all of you, didn't think it would... How to build general-purpose divisions for major powers and most scenarios. These allow you to command air and sea forces, which can only be operated within a certain range from their base. It is a measure of how threatening each country is to every other. As a result, parallel construction is much less efficient than serial builds. The organization of the command hierarchy is centered on land units, although air and naval units can be attached at any level. That’s actually preferable, since you can manipulate the queue until you are happy with it before any work gets done. If you later on have too many spies affecting your research, switch the mission in your high priority enemies back to counterespionage for a while. The 1938 scenario is designed for multiplayer games, but also offers a balance between the 1936 and 1939 scenarios: the buildup period is shorter, the game is a little less open ended than in 1936, and war isn't too far away. Ship Ro... Easy guide on combat: Top 5 Most Important Facts. This page was last edited on 21 March 2017, at 18:01. You can use both production settings together as well. some of it confusing when you are new. this is a lot of text. Externally you can perform the same actions as on your home turf, plus inhibit enemy research, steal technology, perform Covert Operations, and increase your knowledge of enemy units and ships. You can click Save Template under the template buttons if you will want to build more of these. Browse and rate player-created guides for this game. The 1939 scenario begins the game with Germany at war with Poland. If you learn how to use them properly, it will greatly enhance your enjoyment of the game! Supplies represents how many supplies you make for your troops domestically: these are stockpiled and can be bought and sold through diplomacy. These units will automatically be deployed to the Marseilles HQ, which requested them, and our production need number shot up. (the tutorial isnt exactly helpfull) Start an Intel action against an enemy by giving them a high priority. Full occupation 20% penalty to resource production in occupied territory. For players who have never played a previous Hearts of Iron game, selecting a nation that was (more or less) at peace during WW2 is a good starting point. Amazing! Clicking the need button automatically sets the slider to that number. For instance, the armour is probably the thing we will need soonest, so it goes up top via the double green arrow. Hearts of Iron 3 FTM Basic Tutorial - Episode 2 - Interface Overview, Hearts of Iron 3 FTM - Basic Tutorioal - Episode 3 - Diplomacy, Hearts of Iron 3 FTM - Basic Tutorial - Episode 4 - Production, Hearts of Iron 3 FTM - Basic Tutorial - Episode 6 - Politics, Hearts of Iron 3 FTM - Basic Tutorial - Episode 5 - Technology, Hearts of Iron 3 FTM - Basic Tutorial - Episode 7 - Intelligence, Hearts of Iron 3 FTM - Basic Tutorial - Episode 8 - Military 1, Hearts of Iron 3 FTM - Basic Tutorial - Episode 9 - Military 2, Hearts of Iron 3 FTM - AI Army Control Introduction, https://hoi3.paradoxwikis.com/index.php?title=Beginner%27s_guide&oldid=6955, Expansions: The game has three expansions called, Patches: Each release of Hearts of Iron 3 has patches specific to that release, with the last patch for the "vanilla" game being 1.4, the latest patch for Semper Fi being 2.04 and for For the Motherland being 3.05 (. The unit at the top of the queue is filled to 100% before production goes to the next unit. That is because the production need number is based on your entire production queue, and meeting the need would mean producing everything as fast as possible. Yeah… ya should’ve though of that before the Germans did. Limit or remove fronts that are stagnating—dedicate forces to where a decisive advantage can be made. Also note that naval units take a very long time to build and cannot upgrade critical components. Use aircraft on ground attack during the land battle. 1. land tips and tricks Without proper logistics and attention paid to terrain and weather, your tanks will get bogged down and put out of action. Australia offers a little more excitement. The menus to build air and sea forces work almost identically, and the base and other options are a lot simpler. Hearts of Iron 3 For the Motherland Basic Tutorial. Each of these is probably worth at least one article on their own, so for the purposes of this production guide we’ll let the Diplomacy and Convoy AI’s do their thing. Military government 30% penalty to resource production in occupied territory. Also, if you are playing as a smaller nation, you may not have researched the ability to build the brigades needed for the division templates, in which case the Start Production button stays grey.


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