APPOINTMENTS WITH THE MIDWIFE The midwife is available for ante-natal appointments on Tuesday and Thursday mornings however for your first appointment the midwife will call you herself to make an appointment. I was meant to have an appointment last week but was self isolating and couldn’t. We have a telephone number for you to make an appointment with a midwife as soon as you know you are pregnant. In my pregnancy notes booklet my midwife listed when I would have scans/meet up with her - it's near the middle of the booklet I think. There are midwives that work alone in a clinic that has doctors as distant backups and midwives that work directly with the physician, with the physician confirming the pregnancy first and then referring you to the midwife … As soon as you know you are pregnant, you'd better book a midwife appointment. My midwife won’t let you make an appointment until you are 8 weeks, if you call any earlier they ask you to call back. A midwife will then. The number is 0141 347 8422. I know that the system is overstretched so I don’t want to waste anyone’s time. This is part of a national drive to promote the best start for pregnant women and their babies. Call your midwife. contact you to confirm your referral, inform your GP that you are pregnant, let them know you have booked to have your baby at either St Richard’s or Worthing Hospital, and; arrange a booking appointment with you, at which you can book your 12-week scan and ask any questions you have about your pregnancy. All women are offered this test. Your blood will be tested to see if you have any conditions that might affect your baby. Staffylady. Your booking (or booking-in) appointment is your 1st official antenatal appointment with a midwife. I’m 32+5 and just don’t feel right. Can I book a midwife appointment for this? Your midwife or GP will offer you a blood test at this appointment. I would suggest calling just to make sure you know what the process is in your clinic then at least you are prepared. And, whether you’ve been waiting for it anxiously for weeks or you’ve barely got past the shock of seeing your positive pregnancy test, this is often the moment when it hits you: I’m. The receptionist will ask you for your name and your telephone number and book an appointment at a suitable time and date. After the midwife's appointment I was luckily able to book a scan for a few day's later, although there was absolutely no flexibility in dates and DH wasn't able to come as he was on a short business trip. If you are worried about having your blood taken, tell your midwife and discuss it with them. It's ridiculous that you can't even get an appointment with the midwife. Last edited 02/04/2020.


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