The flight controls are a bit unpolished. The player controls a mosquito named "Mister Mosquito", the game's title character, who has taken up residency in the house of the Yamada family, life-sized humans that serve as the protagonist's food source in the game. Eidos Interactive published the game in North America and PAL regions on March 13 and March 22, 2002 respectively, under its "Fresh Games" label. With this in mind, you'll slip into the skin of Mr. Mosquito and try to tap into the veins of the Yamada family. The player must make sure that the victim stays unaware. However, the player can only suck from a designated body area which is only available at specific times. Mr. Mosquito must also pay attention to the human's heartbeat and sync his sucking to it … You are Mister Mosquito, an uninvited guest in the Yamada's family home. Know more about Mister Mosquito Game. How can Mister Mosquito suck blood in the first place? This game is not a very accurate simulation. If Mister Mosquito is swatted while sucking blood, instant death occurs. It is not clear if the developers are aware that only female mosquitoes drink blood, though this fact would indicate that Mister Mosquito is at least biologically female. Contributor Matt Cundy comically summarized in the latter list, "Given that mosquitoes kill millions of people every year, we'd have thought a game that put players in control of such a notorious serial killer would have met with more controversy". "Mosquito: The Summer at Yamada Residence"). Get Mister Mosquito, Action game for PS2 console from the official PlayStation® website. [12][13], According to Famitsu, Mister Mosquito was the fifth best-selling video game in Japan during its release week at 41,006 copies sold. Each room has items hidden in obscure places which can bring various benefits. Well, that’s just it - to a mosquito, a teenage girl in the bath is no different from a middle-aged man on the couch. The between-level family dialog scenes are endearingly bizarre, but as the game progresses they spend less time talking about banal family matters and more time snapping at each other over their frustration with their growing number of mosquito bites and escalating attempts to rid themselves of the pest. [35] In 2004, Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine named the sequel as one of several Japanese and European games the publication wanted localized in North America. The tentative title of the game was Ka: Yamada-ke No Natsu (蚊 ~山田家の夏~, lit. You will be sucking the blood out of the Yamada's which includes Rena Yamada, the daughter alongside her mother, Kaneyo Yamada and … If the player is noticed by a victim while flying around, Battle Mode begins, played out like a boss battle. [33] On July 3, 2003, a sequel called Ka 2: Let's Go Hawaii (蚊2 レッツゴーハワイ) was released only in Japan. All rights reserved. …well, why don’t you watch me play for a while? Just as humans need water to survive, mosquitos need blood. In 2008, Game Informer named Mister Mosquito one of "The Top Ten Weirdest Games of All Time". If the player is not careful, the human will become stressed and eventually attack. As you can see, I’m playing as a mosquito trying to stock up on blood from the members of a Japanese family. [11] GamesRadar included Mister Mosquito on its list of "The Top 7... games that are cheaper than therapy" as a cure for entomophobia and on its list of "Rubbish animals that got turned into video game heroes". Perhaps you should hit his pressure points more. Finally, a new relaxation point system gives the player the opportunity to calm down an attacker if he is being chased. [9] Is he truly just stocking up on blood, or is he destroying this family for his own amusement? "Mosquito"), is a video game developed by ZOOM Inc. for the PlayStation 2 (PS2) video game console. Each level has a human doing his everyday activity ( sleeping, taking a shower..etc). [32] Sales of Mister Mosquito in other territories were apparently much poorer. The player is tasked with sucking blood from specific body parts of the family members without being noticed. This is a 3d game where you play as a little mosquito who has to fly around and try and catch a snack on various family members. © 2020 However, the frustration factor and a few technical flaws really hamper the game … Mister Mosquito, spelled Mr Moskeeto in PAL regions and known in Japan as Ka (蚊, lit. The mosquito’s turning radius is oddly large, so it’s difficult to point him where you want him to go, which causes most of the game’s difficulty spikes. I’m sure you’ll get the idea. The player takes control of the mosquitoand tries to sneak up on those poor humans to suck their blood and fill the blood meter. Site powered by. Pressure points now allow the player to suck more blood from certain points. Mr. Mosquito is an obscure game, a type of game that only shows up every decade or so. [31] The game was released as part of Sony's PlayStation 2 the Best line of budget titles the following year. To calm them, the player must hit a number of pressure points, relieving them of tension. The rooms in each stage are fully explorable. Each family member follows a set looping pattern of movements. The game was first released in Japan by Sony on June 21, 2001 and the following March in other territories as part of the Eidos Interactive "Fresh Games" label. The game was first released in Japan by Sony on June 21, 2001 and the following March in other territories as part of the Eidos Interactive "Fresh Games" label. Once Mr. Mosquito has landed on the exposed part, the player must then puncture the person's flesh and begin sucking out blood with the analog sticks. It allows the player to suck blood from any part of a human's body, not just designated points. Mister Mosquito, spelled Mr Moskeeto in PAL regions and known in Japan as Ka (蚊, lit. Directed by Hiroaki Nakagawa. Mr. Mosquito is one of the strangest and most odd games you will ever play. It seems the father in particular is becoming completely unhinged. There’s also no reason for Mister Mosquito to be peeping on a … There’s also no reason for Mister Mosquito to be peeping on a human female in the bath.


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