I think you did a really good job of informing and educating your blog readers through your series of posts this semester. Thank you for reading these posts and I hope you’ve become more educated on the role that each of us play in the environment! Although the farmers methods take many seasons longer that making an artificial cell in a lab they are essentially the same, only on different scales. The first cloned animals were created by Hans Driesch in the late 1800's. Required fields are marked *. The genetic engineering of the human race and lower creatures became the modus operandi for controlling God and Man, and it was precisely this violation of the RNA and DNA chains that interfered with and severely curtailed Man’s relationship to God. For my final blog post, I will be talking about the impact that genetic engineering has had on the environment and the dangers that it presents. Over time, we could possibly develop in terms of fighting illnesses such as cancer, which a lot of the time can be carried through genes. Uses and abuses of genetic engineering. 24:15; Mark 13:14. https://encyclopedia.summitlighthouse.org/index.php?title=Genetic_engineering&oldid=2369. At this point I am looking into the HGE to treat genetic diseases in the fetus. Almost every argument against this is from the standpoint of religion. Those who say "don't play God" or things like that are too short-sighted to understand the benefits of genetic engineering. Like any other science, genetic engineering … It has many benefits, such as helping a disfigured child feel and look normal. endobj Your email address will not be published. Thus, this is the taking of heaven by the violent who take it by force. Gene cloning is achieved by inserting a required gene into a vector DNA. Because inherent in the violet flame is the God-control of the Holy Spirit. Copyright © 2010 - 2019 Biotechnology Forums, BiotechnologyForums: © 2010-2018 Go to Main Page Thank you for you time. This technology, genetic alteration, is close to being used by the public. Genetic engineering is not completely a bad thing. Some people are concerned about "designer babies" but as "disease" is truly relative once we find a way to make someone with better traits the lesser traits are by definition "diseases". More legislation should be passed to further restrict genetic experimentation due to the possible misuses of the technology. With the laws in the UK surrounding stem cell research, and only allowing taking stem cells from embryos up to 14 days old, I feel this makes the research ethical. 2020-11-26T21:44:18-08:00 In addition, people have even discovered means of literally "creating" a child! Parents should not want to genetically engineer their babies, it is wrong on so many levels. But as a purely scientific process, genetic engineering is not. And the hour is coming in the earth when, through the absence of the standard of the Christ mind, women shall be offering their bodies in all manner of foul experimentation. Like anything else, it can and may even be abused, but it is the abuse of genetic engineering that is unethical, not the act itself. It is very important how we use this unique tool of genetic engineering for the well being of mankind and our earth. Due to this, occasionally there will be faulty genetically modified plants that pass through inspection, that when brought into the environment, interfere with the surrounding animal and plant life. Policy is the bridge between the status quo and the future we desire while science is the plans and surveying involved with creating an effective, purposeful bridge. My mom says that science is bad too so you shouldn't listen to the pros. This is the spiritual science of genetic engineering practiced by the Sons of God. Servatus was an eye-witness to the misuse of science in genetic engineering that took place on Atlantis, contributing to the fall of that continent. The Food and Drug Administration is doing what it can to combat these issues, but the process is unpredictable depending upon the chemical makeup and orientation of the material. 64 0 obj There are many applications, Outline This along with advances in medicine, fighting illness & disease is great for the society. This 10% gets to be in some way superior to the kids whose parents couldn't afford the HGE so they were born all natural? For, you see, the giving of the seed of Christ in experimentation is truly the end of evolution. But if the genetic manipulation changes all of these things to make a “perfect human”, than that person no longer has their own identity. A. III. Genetic engineering can bring about a great amount of transformation in the characteristics of an organism by the manipulation of DNA, which is like the code inscribed in every cell determining how it functions. Diseases are meant to control the population, so that the human race does not grow too much and use up all of earth’s resources. I am not sure what the procedure is or how often it does or does not cause a miscarriage, but there is that to consider. Genetics are being experimented which could alter human evolution. Abstract Also if some things lead to another we could end up making clones, clones in my opinion are wrong because that clone is a person and no matter where they are in the world, they would get teased. I am really leaning toward no I would first have to ask, when having this HGE therapy is there an increased risk and/or incidence of miscarriage, intrauterine fetal death, or stillbirth? incubator, Vaccines Are The Simplest Application Of Genetic Engineering. I have really appreciated your efforts throughout the semester to spread awareness of the environmental issues currently facing our world. Modifying food should be OK, as long as they are proven safe for consumption. 1. Everyone’s dream is to have absolute power and control of everything. B. Gene Therapy (Renato Dulbecco #6) Remember the incident where their seeds blew into other farmer's crops and contaminated them? The goal of writing these posts was to inform and possibly persuade my readers to keep the condition of the environment in mind when going about their daily activities. engineering, but that the risks of misuse render the techniques ethically unacceptable. For an example, if we were to genetically manipulate humans so that they are resistant to diseases, it could off set nature. Today I am here not only brighten your view of this topic but to expose you to a different perspective. Crop shortages, diseases, you name it. 2003-05-20T09:27:51Z Similarly, genetic engineering is also accomplished through the use of transformation. Elizabeth Clare Prophet, October 20, 1985. Thus, the result of scientist genetically altering plants for more consumption. So many more reasons why gmo is bad but not enough space. Similarly, genetic engineering is also accomplished through the use of transformation. For those saying we are not God, as long as we aren't causing any harm to anyone or anything, why would God have a problem with that? And there is only one way to make the future happen—by the freewill use of the science of the Word. Servatus was an eye-witness to the misuse of science in genetic engineering that took place on Atlantis, contributing to the fall of that continent. I support genetic engineering because it is the result and manifestation of human evolution; no exploration should be limited. Gregor Mendel (Christopher Lampton #7) It brings me great sadness to see that people debate about this topic since it seems clear to me that the knowledge given to us from God should be used to address the purpose of life, rather than perfecting the physical state of society. Serving the global community of Biotechnology since 2010 BiotechnologyForums has created a unique space of its own.It's the preferred platform for Job updates in Biotechnology, Career guidance, Corporate News, Products, Innovations, Healthcare etc Hope you have a good time here on BiotechnologyForums. 1. Similarly, genetic engineering is also accomplished through the use of transformation. I recommend that before you eat your burgers next time to have a think about what I have said and if it is fine to eat this food then why are we arguing for it to stop. Genetic engineering is the technique of producing recombinant hybrid DNA by combining two different strands of DNA. Crops where the seeds they produce will be infertile (so seeds would have to be bought by the company every single year). When an individual consumes food that contains a segment of DNA from something they’re allergic to, they may be susceptible to having an allergic reaction. This does not mean that plastic surgery itself is unethical. Our life expectancy cannot exceed a certain number of years.


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