MQG Stock Up Sale now! The Quilters' Guild is registered in England and Wales as a charity, no. SC043174. Thank you! ). Hi everyone! The Sydney Modern Quilt Guild is a member guild of the international Modern Quilt Guild. And eating (there’s always food at meetings!). I'm excited to see our little forest in November! © 2017-2021 South Florida Modern Quilt Guild, November Virtual Meeting Preview 11/21/2020, 2020 SFMQG BEATLES QUILT-ALONG (QAL) with Patti, October Virtual Meeting Preview 10/17/2020, September Virtual Meeting Preview 9/19/2020, Jill Fisher @pieladyquilts Lecture - Unlocking the Joy in Scraps, David Owen Hastings ~ Indi-Go-Modern Workshop, Jill Fisher @pieladyquilts Lecture Fee for Guests. Please feel free to share this email with any members of your group and crafters you think would be interested in sharing their experiences. completed block should measure 12.5” x 12.5". It's not complicated, but it took me a couple tries to remember to fold under the point of the triangle, so I'm just giving you the heads up to have your seam ripper ready in case you forget. BUT THEN HOW DOES THE WINNER ACTUALLY GET THE BLOCKS IF WE'RE NOT MEETING IN PERSON??? If you have any questions about the study, please free to contact the principle investigator, Dr. Cory Kulczycki at (306-585-4841) or (, the co-investigator, Dr. Rebecca Genoe at (306-5854781 or ( Modern quilters work in different styles and define modern quilting in different ways, but several characteristics often appear which may help identify a modern quilt. This one is a really great scrap buster that should produce a lovely winter-themed quilt - a perfect fit for our cold nights, but not so "seasonal" that it looks out of place in the other months of the year. Get the greatest gifts and merchandise for modern quilters. ): Over 100 tutorials! Fabric requirements (this will make two blocks): Strip colours should remind you of an ice storm: Solids or prints, whatever works (you should all have guessed this by now!). Cut your 8.5" x 8.5" white square in half on the diagonal, producing two (isosceles, if you want to get technical) triangles as below: Use a pencil or marker to draw a line between your marks on each half of the triangle: Now for the fun part - it's time to add your strips! Align the long edge of your second strip with the unsewn edge of the first strip and stitch (right sides together). Feel free to share a photo of your blocks on social media. Besides quilting, we love socialising. The hashtag to use is #ottmqgBOM. t: 01904 613242 | f: 01904 632394. We are an association of modern quilters, affiliated with the international Modern Quilt Guild. Stitch together 4 background and 4 Well, things are going to be a bit different this year. and you will have the month to make as many as you like. Here's what I started with: The actual name for this block is called a spiderweb, and there are a lot of online tutorials on how to make them. Make two small marks at the bottom of the triangle, 1/4" from each side of the centre line. allowance. Community Sewing. The Central Virginia Modern Quilt Guild is excited to host Sherri Lynn Wood for a weekend of Improvisation! Meetings are held the last Thursday of the month from 6:30 – 8:30 PM. Turn your triangle over on your cutting mat and trim off the extra fabric from each side, using the white triangle as your guide: And here's the "spiderweb" effect that this block produces when there are 8 of them all together! Modern quilting; The Quilters' Guild. You can use solids and prints, and don't feel like you have to use exclusively Christmas-themed fabrics. 66,000 Instagram followers!) What is the Orange County Modern Quilt Guild? Please be sure to confirm your email address by clicking the confirmation message we have sent to you. #ottmqgBOM is our hashtag if you want to share your blocks on social media!). SYDNEY MODERN QUILT GUILD . 1067361 and a company limited by guarantee, no. I started making quilt in 2009 and to further my quilting experience, in 2017 I joined the Toronto Modern Quilting Guild and when I walked into that first guild meeting, I had never quilted a quilt. More new › MQG Sturdy Scissors. Colours for this month are what I'm calling "Christmas plus" or "Modern Christmas.". The Modern Quilt Guild's mission is to support and encourage the growth and development of modern quilting through art, education, and community. Due to COVID19, we have had to adapt and change where we meet. The photo above is actually 4 blocks placed together. The MQG scholarship program has been established to help fulfill this mission. Due to the survey design we will not know who has or has not completed the survey. With this in mind we decided that string piecing was the way to go. It's a bit more legwork, but I think it'll be worth it! Join Us! making 12.5” x 12.5” chunky plus blocks. We've identified a few members' houses (one is east, one is south, one is central, one is west - actual addresses will be shared at our monthly meetings or via. The blocks won't be complicated (I kind of feel like life is complicated enough as it is these days?) Here's the link to Amy's block tutorial (and also directions for how to finish the quilt when you win all the blocks! Looking forward to seeing everyone at our first meeting on Monday! Thank you! single-colour scrappy (solids or prints), maker’s choice! Black, or black with white; prints or solids - it's your choice! You will now have 4 finished 4.5” x Your participation will involve answering questions on an online survey; estimated time to complete is 15 to 20 minutes. ), light blue, maybe even a purple here or there! You can use solids and prints, and don't feel like you have to use exclusively Christmas-themed fabrics. Cool, hey? Tip: you can nest your seams by pressing the top and bottom row in, and then pressing the seams for the middle row out. If the winner is rural, I'll probably just mail the blocks to you (see note above about my love for getting mail). I didn't see a big difference with waiting until all the strips were sewn together, but this is totally just a personal preference - whatever works!). Contact us: Board Membership coordinator Board member at large Read our posts Become a member Welcome to Bay Area Modern Quilting is here: Instructions for block assembly are on p. 4 of this pattern. Through blogs and the Internet, word spread quickly of the fun they were having and soon guilds starting popping up everywhere. For our October Sew Day we thought it was time to bust some of the guild’s stash of fabric and batting scraps. And house blocks seem like a good kick-off to our At Home OMQG meetings, too! Your participation is completely voluntary and if you choose not to participate it will not impact your relationship with the researchers or the University of Regina. We are excited to have Leslie leading our BOM this year! Colours for this month are what I'm calling "Christmas plus" or "Modern Christmas."


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