Fertilizer terms can be confusing. Obtain fruits throughout the year by Hormone application - Prices are high. 450 – 650 kg K2O ha-1, depending on plant density. Experimental and socioeconomic data were collected from 89 randomly selected pineapple growers among 5381 growers in Zè district. BONUS: You’ll also receive our Almanac Companion newsletter! Pineapple – The most popular tropical fruit, Magnesium and sulphur – For higher yields and crop health, Boron - An important micronutrient for pineapple. Fertilizer. Greensand—derived from inorganic mineral-based or “rock” matter—is an example of a natural, although inorganic, material.) r2��n ����=۝=Ee.�$���u=OTU��Y7��lq�b^؝�j4!qJ�W���Fa� In extreme cases, large amounts of KCl application may lead to chloride damage (leaf necrosis) and decreased fruit size. Key words: fertilizer use, pineapple production practices, adoption, marginal profit, value-cost ratio, poverty reduction, http://ajfand.net/AJFAND/copyrightstatement.html. However, they are high in salts and can be detrimental to populations of beneficial microorganisms and also leach into water sources. Magnesium is needed to balance the large amounts of potassium required by pineapple. Pineapple wilt 2. Weed 7. 450 – 650 kg K 2 O ha -1, depending on plant density. Mix ridomil 200 ml in 100 l of water, dip the suckers 5 minutes in this solution. AJOL and the millions of African and international researchers who rely on our free services are deeply grateful for your contribution. The rest is filler, which gives it bulk and makes it easier to spread. High chloride concentrations in the soil may result in a decrease in the osmotic potential of the soil solution, especially at low soil moisture, limiting water and nutrient uptake by the plants. AJOL is a Non Profit Organisation that cannot function without donations. Termites 7. b $BT�(x>αS)V'ԅs�T;�UU4�R$c�c�x�3�k�DW�uGp�ssEm�n>�J�_Xʇe��]�2�` q�� endstream endobj 111 0 obj <>stream However, its yields are still below the potential. Yellow spots 3. x��y|T��?~ι��wf2{&�ܙI2��l���fcA!H$���..��\*��R���e��p�h�V-��G[�`�.�Q�i�d�}�;a�����^����9���{�g��;kV];�IH��kf� �'����]ʖs��+Z���k���/�4^�t��l9��k�.�? Singapore Spanish Commercial varieties in SriLanka, Diseases of Pineapple 1. The rate of pineapple’s response to fertilizer almost doubled from 13.42 kg fruit/kg fertilizer with farmers’ practices to 23.07 kg fruit/kg fertilizer with the experimental practice. Scale insects Control of pineapple pest and diseases, Preplanting and 5,8 and 14 months after planting, Preplanting ,dip the suckers 5 minutes in the mixture, Ridomil 200 ml+ 100 l of water Mancozeb 10 g + 100 l of water, Climatic Requirements Elevation Up to 1000 m from the sea level ( higher elevations fruit contains high acidity) Optimum temperature 24- 270 C Mean Annual Rain fall 1000 mm (635 - 2500 mm) Low country wet & intermediate zones more suitable (with supplementary irrigation Dry zone also suitable) Well drained , deep and gravel soils are much better. Compost tea is made using a brewing process similar to that used for making beer. I have a nice healthy redworm farm and i use the tea from there on EVERYTHING. Therefore, they are applied less frequently. 106 0 obj <> endobj 123 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[]/Index[106 30]/Info 105 0 R/Length 95/Prev 255920/Root 107 0 R/Size 136/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream For example, 100-pound bag of 10-10-10 contains ten pounds of each element. No natural cross pollination (except by Humming birds), Opening start from base (5-10 Flowers / days). Young pineapple plants should be feed 1-2 ounces of nitrogen every eight weeks, with the amount increasing by one ounce every 2-3 months. Pineapple is either consumed as a tasty and juicy fresh fruit or processed into slices, compotes and juice. Read more about soil testing for a healthier garden. Note that the N-P-K ratio of organic fertilizers is typically lower than that of a synthetic fertilizer. Labour availability and costs for fractioning the optimum dose over the crop’s growing cycle remains a challenge. Submitted by Gene Rasmussen on March 1, 2020 - 6:59am. Because they don’t add excess salts and acid to the soil, organic fertilizers are beneficial in encouraging healthy soil biology rich in microbial activity. Selecron / Tokuthion. Pest and diseases (esp. Before buying bags or bottles of fertilizers, consider how you might add nutrients to the soil by improving its biology. Applying too much synthetic fertilizer can “burn” foliage and damage your plants. Fertilizer providing the N-P-K nutrients mentioned above can come in both organic and synthetic versions. Shopping for fertilizer can be confusing because plants have individual nutrient requirements. Marlene the worm lady. 3�f�f0Z.������c!n$�R�n$���TMD���@���+�G��U��Zs\���ItRC ��@���L,6�\�M���G��)�Xm�[UE�Ll�NF�J��0;k Dry Mixes and Iron Soil Drenches. ESTA Kieserite is an ideal source of magnesium and sulphur for pineapple which prefers acid soils. It is recommended that two thirds of the total K demand should be soil applied and one third through foliar application. Doesn't compost contain only about 1-1-1 of NPK? Besides owning an orchard, my family owns a cornfield and there is no better way to make everything organic to ensure a healthful and growing production of corn for business. In commercial production, several ratoon crops are taken (2-6 harvesting)‍. The micronutrients of iron, manganese and zinc are necessary to the growth and development of your pineapple. {^�L�!�^��l�V"�.�f�uٲTD��.�;��E���̾n����C�f_3?����e+V�j�� q,$:�%��42��I�\��{IL��`�#��]�!����\�'y��B�(�v-!7^���,k�7:�N���F����ޜ�6��n�����iÙ6�����QTjxÅOG��LU9��$@�*'�9*�T9z5�`�Oe�5Y�y�v���T�ނP��$���+�F�Y�S"����*�>$��ɲl�8�L���G�q�b�������SyOuz^��gT�Mz� K���Ȕl������|���mm�^՜�n�\[l��[AFX���k fo#��TJ��ۈ�a�) �BZWam�D��ʳ�X)��@�U|�SJlU�*:2 �1���T�4YS�7Y����r�!��-A%��$�ѓ�]~������2�#���Dq��&�������()�^�[PR��K(S!C���Z�\���� �VG��$ Availability May - June (Major season) Prices are low December - January (Minor season) Obtain fruits throughout the year by Hormone application - Prices are high, Pineapple cultivation extent and production in Sri Lanka, Source: Department of Census and Statistics of Sri Lanka. hެU�n�@��}���oU h � I��Q��K\"p���;���7����efvf���E�B���K��p�'�A�d�x��$Hȕ#�pc0^�8���~��l�������v��g��]�#YlS:����/o��$O��䤒�o^�ǷO�*'^��9��f�3�i?y���9'F For larger plantings, use 2/3 cups for each 5- by 5-foot area. A calendar outlining the month-to-month cultural practices for pineapple is shown in Table 1. In order to minimise nutrient losses, the fertiliser should be applied in several split applications during vegetative growth: Fertilisation-know-how you can count on. Lack of technical knowledge Harvesting & post-harvest technology Value Added Products Cordials, canned products, jams, alcohol (wine), syrup, dehydrated products for confectionery, ice cream. The N:K ratio in pineapple fertilisation has a great influence on fruit quality and needs to be widened with progressive age of the crop during growth, e.g. Poor drainage soils are not good Optimum soil PH = 5.5-6.5 Salinity and alkalinity soils are not good except little acidity and heavy clay Should be exposed to sunlight in the open field or intercrop with young or old coconut Ca and Mn rich soils are not good. Ripe fruit: Possesses germicidal, laxative, and invigorative properties, contains digestive enzyme increases appetite. Should contain 30 - 35 leaves and the age at 8 - 10 months, Not necessary to emasculate, not necessary to isolate the plants or flowers, Anthers collected to small box by forceps at around 10 AM, Single anther rubbed over the stigma with forceps, Ripen fruits are separately harvest for seed extraction, Cut the ripen fruits & get the hybrid seeds, Seeds germination (4-6 weeks) - Seeds will be placed on bricks, It has to be covered with polyethylene or piece of flat glass, 30-45 days old seedlings will be planted in the seedling trays & kept for 6 months, Seedlings will be replanted in the field nursery & kept for 6 months, Lines should be evaluated by using fruit to row planting system, Spacing 1x2 m (All the seedlings of one fruit should plant in one row), Plants should be selected for Gene-typically differences, Characters for high yields & qualities, Selected plants should be propagated by vegetative suckers, Progeny screening & data collection should be continued up to third generation, Single row system should be adapted (spacing 0.30 x 1.00 m), Data should be collected from the ratoon crops.


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