This reprint is prepared by. Information about this reprint the Office of the Queensland Parliamentary Counsel Warning—This reprint is not an authorised copy. . �a�f��/q�JQ��ߒ2?��a� ܍�2Y�\�v��.I��Gz�;��(��,���i���=f�+lH�쵺i]��C��l&d���;��f/Cw�*��#�`3v�%\�%��W �gX�ʮ1���zo�K��/E�ƪ�)f�d��6�p�J)���϶�o����?#���"��=�Jp�(���X7"�)���1g�` ���"~V\f+o2�T�L8�����en� p� �S�Ҩf�F8}��\�LΠ2���g��57�+��AG�i�4��S���Ch\�� Police Powers and Responsibilities Act 2000 The Police Powers and Responsibilities Act 2000 (PPRA) provides police officers performing duties for the Queensland Police Service (QPS) with the powers necessary for effective modern policing and law enforcement. %PDF-1.7 %���� While significant amendments :����f@�����_H�v�^�B��������w Minister: Minister for Police and Corrective Services and Minister for Fire and Emergency Services Agency: Queensland Police Service �ر�������[Տ��ĸW�/�l�kU[�u"?i.i���?c�sT�%�-���;�R����E� �g�g�5�\���ڛ&qH�;� ~0���%��I��:�wq�^�sg�y���J����ˀI��>S�=���#����Vt>�q_ K}��?Ut��\�!+�o*���W��Qs�� �A� ]����|��6�C���(D���->��>��ܶӵ;����3 ����*�+���T�i��"�y:,2�ś� POLICE POWERS AND RESPONSIBILITIES ACT 2000. Contents Police Powers and Responsibilities Act 2000 Page 2 Chapter 2 General enforcement powers Part 1 Entry, inquiries and inspection 19 General power to enter to make inquiries, investigations or serve (�ṬӟPXO4����R��A�XvE��I�!��b^��p�*��3.���,�1�C+�:I- ��9�� R�3*��%�>����~��*^Vz ڗ�;m�wG���O�R"FWBl�����=�7��� �� �71���F���!bo @,���[�a��l� �u��h#'��v[��a�P��A�%�������Kh��toc����s�@ΨJ������l�����o�~�/g?��!5�L�\�|q���(�� q.D�y���t��DT���u�(P{�|��B�;��=|��]d�*�YQ���� rF��@��m �d��|��'��V�&��K 3��92� endstream endobj 1030 0 obj <>stream E�U�L! 1029 0 obj <>stream �̣a��ˠ=�4�5M��a �e�qP2J×� ��4k��a�Oem�&ž�(p�SΞG �������A7�rV�N��Y�u-�S���X/Bi]�H�oDz�r8����פ�_�;y:,��E�$�˭�q��d_'4�v/��$�|�{z���a�IO�y��� d�-k�Y�M POLICE POWERS AND RESPONSIBILITIES ACT 2000 - As at 15 September 2020 - Act 5 of 2000 TABLE OF PROVISIONS Long Title CHAPTER 1 - PRELIMINARY PART 1 - GENERAL 1.Short title 2.Commencement 3.Dictionary 4.Notes in text 5.Purposes of Act 6.Act binds all persons 7.Compliance with Act by police officers 8.Act does not affect certain principles PART 2 - EFFECT OF ACT ON … Police Powers and Responsibilities Act 2000 Page 5 68 Power to enable effective and safe exercise of other powers . |�t��~�s�?�5]�֦K@�!d�_լ�i��Et�Ϧ������2X� (�%��m���J&դ~��I���7�%�m�����h=u��u�U�"����̻�t�&��W�R���bi��)�5A0��������jB �>5�� ��Z� 49 of 2002) Reprint No. ҡ �Pm�;�C����x��F�^�� 2K revised edition. endstream endobj 1032 0 obj <>stream Reprinted as in force on 27 September 2002 (includes amendments up to Act No. endstream endobj 1031 0 obj <>stream ���& . ��b':���1n��f١�^x�~�����ۅcL��t��O{Q�Şi��“�n��k]���N����o�͖t��]�Vm�d"XmM�(;��$���.�Ɗp����F9D���ix����  ���k��Oy�. ���>_._R��C��fiJe��� ��,p�+��qV��[g���a����p������4�\cD�2+���n,Ɏ���K�S�1A!rb�{�O/6��Y�#� �H���S|cb'6�&�"�������m|�{a��b0��{��w�tQ)'mJ�B���(r��P�h 123 Chapter 4 Motor vehicle impounding and immobilising powers for prescribed offences and motorbike noise direction offences Part 1 Preliminary Division 1 Interpretation


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