padding: 5px; font-weight: 600; } But in this case, the mattress offers a very firm feel while still providing a superior sleep experience. Serta Perfect Sleeper Select Kleinmon II Firm Mattress Review. padding: .5vw; } padding: 2vw; /*max-width: 90%;*/ background-color: #fffbcc; JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. a#xsensor-results-chart div { text-align: center; background: red; #mrc h1 { display: none; margin-bottom: .5rem; } #mrc .mrc-table th { margin: 15px auto !important; background-color: #eee; To ensure we are able to help you as best we can, please include your reference number: HyperTouch Comfort: This new system comfortably cradles your body from head to toe for better pressure point relief. #mrc .more-features li { } #mrc .heatmap-table aside { Solid surface that supports spinal health. } } width: 35%; .first a#xsensor-results-chart div { border: 1px solid #ccc; font-weight: 700; #mrc .top-rated .quick-overview li { } #mrc .compare-clone th, #mrc .compare-clone td { I recently bought Serta SleepToGo 12 inch mattress. } Returns Policy. font-size: 1.2vw; } } } The mattress rated as 'Recommended' or 'Good' across all the sleeping situations we tested. width: 25%; } The Merriam II Firm mattress had pretty good test results for such a firm mattress. font-style: normal; display: none; Serta Perfect Sleeper Kleinmon II Firm The Perfect Sleeper Select Kleinmon II Firm mattress is the latest model of one of Serta?s best-selling mattresses. #mrc .top-rated .quick-overview { border: 1px solid #666; text-align: left; #mrc .comparison-features .bottom-bolt { } display: inline; #mrc .top-rated .xsensor img { Innerspring beds are known to feel more firm than their latex, memory foam, and other counterparts. } Current selection is: Queen, Size. list-style-type: none; #mrc .compare-clone .label { #mrc .pros-cons th { border: 1px solid #ccc; #mrc .video-container { margin-right: 15px; } #mrc .top-rated.three-column th:nth-child(3), #mrc .top-rated.three-column td:nth-child(3) { font-size: 14px; display: block !important; We love the comfort and firmness that our new Serta offers but most of all we love the good night’s sleep. padding-top: 5px; top: 0; #mrc .video-container object, font-weight: 600; #mrc .pros-cons th { text-align: center; display: inline-block; padding-bottom: 56.25%; } font-size: 12px; It also helps regulate the temperature, so you can sleep cooler. @media screen and (min-width: 320px) { a#xsensor-results-chart #chartKey { display: none; } No problem. #mrc .pros-cons th:nth-child(2) { padding: 5px; #mrc .comparison-features ul li { padding-top: 30px; height: 0; overflow: hidden; It was well made, as firm as advertised, and most importantly, allowed us to sleep better than we had been sleeping. } suppliers and others provide what you see here, border: 1px solid #666; #mrc .top-rated.mrc-table.three-column .view-bed { } font-weight: 600; padding-top: 5px; color: #fff; line-height: 26px; The mattress avoided creating excessive pressure points while simultaneously providing proper support. The mattress also did a good job providing support under the lower back. PerfectPure Fiber: This soft fiber layer has antimicrobial properties to help keep your mattress fresh. #mrc .comparison-features .bottom-bolt { We went back to the store of purchase and ordered another Twin XL mattress for the other side of our King bed. background-color: #fffbcc; I've contacted Serta for a replacement and will re-post when I get a replacement. -webkit-padding-start: 0; font-weight: 700; } We test every Serta Perfect Sleeper model in person, and you can see the results and our review for the Kleinmon II Firm mattress below:. } If you would like to share feedback with us about pricing, delivery or other customer service issues, please contact. #mrc .top-rated.mrc-table.three-column .view-bed { margin-right: 15px; } #mrc .heatmap-table tr > td:first-child, #mrc .heatmap-table > tbody > tr:first-child > td { #mrc td ul { #mrc, #mrc p { #mrc .comfort-depth-video { The test results showed pretty good weight distribution, so we're not seeing bad pressure points, which would be in red. There was some pressure in the hips for average and large-sized peoples who sleep on the side. Updated January 22, 2020. It's an affordable bed option that also comes from a leading, trustworthy producer in Serta so you can be confident in the source. Get comprehensive information on Serta Perfect Sleeper Select Kleinmon II Firm. list-style: none; Learn more about our Returns Policy. It's somewhat unusual for this kind of bed. You will be sound asleep all night and wake up energetic.


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