Probably the best canned sardines. adding in to some recipes some delicate condiments resulting in a perfect end of flavours. As a Portuguese, I was born with canned fish all around me. Lampern. Anchovy. In Portugal it's easy to find very diverse kinds of canned seafood - like tuna, sardines, mackerel, but also diced squid and octopus. Here you will not find frozen sardines. As the foreigner in the house, I was surprised to see the love people have for canned fish in Portugal. Anchovy Filets in Olive Oil. Squid in Ink. All this characteristics make this brand a choice of Conserveira de Lisboa because it guaranties that our clients will always have the best quality in every products. Tricana | Conserveira de Lisboa. … Adriatic Sardina Wild Caught Sardines in Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 3.7 oz Tin (Pack of 6) Tuna Fish Codfish Bivalves Mackerel Lampern Squid Eggs Octopus Sardine ↑ Top. A Conserveira de Lisboa – The oldest and by far the best shop to buy canned fish, the family who runs it is exclusively devoted to preserving and selling their 3 canned labels: Tricana, Minor and Prata do Mar, all excellent quality brands for canned fish. Tuna Fish in Tomato Sauce Tuna fish in tomato sauce made with the best ingredients, so they can match this fish quality.Feature: The high quality of the fillets.Ingredients: Tuna Fish, Vegetable Oil, Tomato and SaltNet Weight: 120g Conserveira de Lisboa Conserveira de Lisboa was first known as Mercearia do Minho and was established in 1930. At some places, you may also find eels. Delicate-textured, rich-flavoured canned white fish popular in the Basque Country Origin: Spain. Tuna Fish. TRICANA, MINOR and PRATA DO MAR are registered trademarks used under license© Conserveira de Lisboa, Lda. Canned fish is a great way to make quick meals and add more flavor to dishes. Well, that would depend on what you like eating. TRICANA offers a range of big fishes, with a full maturation and it's known by its one piece filets putted by hand inside each can. Mackerel filets in olive oil with oregano, Luisa Paixao I Traditional & Contemporary Portuguese Products. My perception of it is timeless. The reputation of Tricana  canned sardines is due to very high quality artisanal production methods. Size: 112g. 06.12.2013 - Sardinhas enlatadas "Tricana" (Canned Sardines) A Vida Portuguesa in Lisboa. Try these canned fish recipes and learn how canned fish can be just as delicious as fresh fish. Eggs Octopus Sardine ↑ Top. The production is limited due to the best fish selection concerning the highest quality yet there is a great variety of recipes in their canned fish. 350g. 1930-2011Design and development: we are boq. Thanks to our online shop. Tricana a Conserveira de Lisboa brand. Located in Lisbon since 1930, Conserveira de Lisboa is the most famous brand of sardines in Portugal. Renowned for its quality, Tricana, the brand of “Conserveira de Lisboa” knew 80 years ago how to make the selection of the best and freshest fish. Anchovy Filets in Olive Oil. 120g. TRICANA is a registered brand of Conserveira de Lisboa since 1942. You can always buy canned sardines Tricana in the traditional store of the cannery, in the heart of Lisbon. Products are made from natural and local raw materials using traditional or artisanal know-how: All our products are authentic Portuguese products. This tradition is immemorial for us, though historically, it started in the last half of the 19 th century. Sardinhas enlatadas "Tricana" (Canned Sardines) Since then, Tricana’s portfolio has expanded to represent a wide range of the world’s wine regions. Please contact us to know about the availability of our products. From now on you can also buy them wherever you are. Registered by the Lisbon "Conserveira de Lisboa" cannery in 1942, If canned Portuguese sardines are the best known, La Conserveira de Lisboa also offers canned seafood : tuna fished in the Azores, cod cooked according to typical Portuguese recipes, squid or Octopus... You can also discover fish patés or fish eggs that will surprise you. View details Add to Basket Ortiz Bonito Tuna Fillets in Olive Oil in Glass Jar 220g. Sardines are fished on Portuguese coasts, during fishing seasons only and immediately canned. Lovers, nostalgic for Portugal or just curious, I bring you the best of my country: amazing products, 100% made in Portugal, anchored in their history and often surprisingly modern. The ingredients are local ingredients also of very high quality: olive oils of first choice, lemons, tomatoes, peppers are from Portugal. Tricana, a great choice of canned Portuguese fish. Sam Levitas started Tricana Imports in 1978, with a focus on family-owned Italian wineries. Ever since our childhood we are used to eat not only fresh fish, but also canned fish. The history of the place is well – worth the visit, along with watching the old Portuguese ladies hand-wrap the cans for you. £8.99. Squid.


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