Green Tea. The other kind is made with the technique of “heating pile” (sprinkling water over a pile of leaves to induce fermentation), and is usually known as “Ripe Pu’er”. Yes, Jasmine makes you more relaxed and slow down cells that cause aging. In addition to its prominence in Chinese culture, tea also claims many health benefits, making it a popular drink worldwide. The main classes of Chinese tea discussed below are green tea, yellow tea, white tea, oolong tea, black tea, dark tea or fermented tea and Pu'er tea. Black Tea. Our tours are customizable— tell us your interests and requirements and we will help you to tailor-make a Hangzhou tour. The process to obtain the yellow tea is similar to the one used for the green and the white tea. Black tea, which is called “Red tea” in China, is dried, oxidized and then roasted. After brewing, the water is clear and bright, with a touch of apricot yellow. Black tea is a type of fermented tea; originating from green tea after it is mixed, kneaded, fermented, dried, and otherwise processed. Visit the China National Tea Museum to glean a general idea of Chinese tea classification and history. It has a stronger flavor and, generally speaking, contains more caffeine than any other class of tea. Oolong tea, also known as blue tea, is unfermented tea with unique characteristics. Tuo tea of Yunnan is an outstanding example of this type. After picking, the … Most tribute tea in the Song Dynasty came from Fujian, including the famous Dragon & Phoenix Cake tea, which many people believe to be the ancestor of Oolong tea. Work for Us, call us at: 86-773-286-5632 (Intl rates apply), © All Rights Reserved,® is a registered trademark. Oolong tea is semi-fermented (or semi-oxidized) and, in this sense, stands between green and black tea. As early as the Tang Dynasty, Tianzhu Temple and Lingyin Temple in the West Lake were already growing tea. This process blocks the activity of the leaf enzymes that otherwise would alter the composition and the properties of the tea leaves. Reduce the Risk of Cardiovascular Disease. In the Tang and Song Dynasties, people regarded white tea as very valuable, but at that time white tea was just a rare kind of tea tree whose leaves were white, not the same as the white tea we know today. For Chinese people, it is not only a popular beverage which is brewed with boiled water over cured leaves, with a lot of health benefits. It is best to use glasses when drinking Pilochun, because the tea leaves slowly unfold after absorbing water. contains more caffeine than any other class of tea, Click here to check out the Chinese teas that we recommend, White tea (e.g. Train 4. Tea is the national drink in China. It is a … Scented tea, with a history of over 1,000 years, it is made from a mixture of edible flowers and tea leaves. Keemun is the most popular brand of black tea. Just be careful with the black tea and Oolong tea that contain higher levels of caffeine. The colour is jet black with a bit of gray, referred to “precious light”. Yellow tea is a type of fermented tea, the fermentation process here being known as “annealing yellow”. These were formerly classified into five types according to the area of production – lion, dragon, cloud, tiger and plum. Copyright Sapore di Cina | Disclosure | Privacy & Cookies Policy | Terms and Conditions. The greatest fascination of Pu’er tea is that the longer it is preserved, the better it tastes. It’s dried as soon as it’s picked from the field and then fried. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. 1. Longjing tea mainly comes from five districts near the West Lake. In spite of this, they still give off a rare fragrance, and this This is a list of Chinese teas. Pu’er tea can be roughly divided into two types. Dark tea was invented by accident. Green tea is the least processed, which is why it retains its green color. Dandelion herbal tea (digestion & weight loss. The tea from Mont Huangshan, known as Maojian, has a light yellow sheen. Many well-known teas originate there, one famous sort being Sweet Dew of Mengding. Tea made from green tea leaves is a fresh green while that made using black tea is orange-red. Like dark tea, yellow tea was also a chance discovery when making green tea. Dark tea is very popular in Hong Kong, Macao, Southeast Asia and Japan. Pu’er tea and Six Castle tea are notable types of dark tea. Flower tea only involves dried flowers such as chrysanthemum, hibiscus, jasmine, lily and globe amaranth. Not to forget, Chinese teas can prevent people from getting a number of other diseases, like Alzheimer and heart diseases. It is recommended and loved by a great many people. You can relieve anxiety, depression and stress by drinking Jasmine tea. Fenghuang Dancong (Phoenix Mountain Select) tea is one of the three great varieties of Oolong tea, all equally famous, the other two being the tea from the slopes of Wuyi Mountain, and Tieguanyin tea from Anxi. They are over 1,000 years old and grow on cliffs Wuyi Mountain. Oolong tea is somewhat intermediate between green and black tea. Some of the cultivated tea brushes there are as old as 600 years, and there are many brushes more than 200 years old. Wuyi Rock Tea is a general name for Oolong tea produced in the Wuyi Mountain region of Fujian, and is the best-known Oolong tea. The teas help you to feel more energetic and to improve metabolism. 1. 4. It stipulates that only tea produced in Yunnan's 639 towns in 11 prefectures and cities, including Pu'er and Dali, can be called Pu'er tea. Sichuan province is one region where tea culture is at its height. Green tea, Oolong tea and dark tea are effective in losing weight. China started trial production of this type in the 1950’s. It is one of the most time-honoured and best-known teas in China, and was offered as the main tribute tea as early as the Tang Dynasty. Chinese Tea 1. Pilochun looks verdant and like a trumpet shell, with fine and dense flosses around the circumference. There are fifteen major tea-producing provinces in mainland China, and Taiwan also produces tea. Dandelion herbal tea is derived from the yellow … White Tea. Testimonial At present, black tea is the most widely produced and drunk tea. For an authentic travel experience, contact one of our travel advisors. See Also:8 Weight Loss Tea You can Have a Try. The white color comes from the hairs on the unopened buds of the tea plant. 3. The resulting infusion yields a lovely red color and a subtle aromatic fragrance.


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