Directional colored shields found on US 60 in Arizona during the 1950s. There are no mile markers in Google Maps and no way to toggle them in the view. The Search For Location text box allows you to quickly get to an area you wish without spending time zooming and panning to find it. The highway runs for 369 miles (594 km) from a junction with Interstate 10 near Quartzsite to the New Mexico State Line near Springerville. The freeway enters the city limits of Apache Junction in Pinal County as it continues eastbound. [10], In recent years, Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) has been working to widen and improve US 60 through the Metropolitan Phoenix Area, as it is one of the area's principal freeways. The mileposts were not renumbered after the western leg was truncated, so they begin at milepost 30.89. If you need to see the mile marker, look to the exit number near where you are trying to go. The entire route is in Mesa, Maricopa County. The segment of highway between Springerville and Globe had not been constructed yet. The route runs in a general southwest-to-northeast direction. US 60 leaves the Show Low city limits and heads east to a junction with SR 61 which heads northeast towards Concho. From Wickenburg, the highway heads towards the southeast towards Phoenix. US 60 continues towards the east until it reaches Wickenburg and an intersection with US 93. Mile-marker maps. You can adjust the placement of the circle by dragging it to a different location. It then follows Grand Avenue southeast over I-17/US 60, terminating at an intersection with 18th Avenue and Willetta Street. The route has a junction with Interstate 35 in Faribault. Both sections of US 60X were portions of the pre-freeway alignment of US 60 between Apache Junction and central Phoenix. The highway enters the Phoenix city limits and continues towards the southeast until it reaches an interchange with 27th Avenue near Thomas Road. Rail maps It passes through an I-10 interchange known as "The Stack." The maps on this page are large, and details may take a few moments to load. Enable JavaScript to see Google Maps. Due to rapid growth in the far eastern Phoenix suburbs within Pinal County and increasing road congestion in the Gold Canyon area, ADOT has begun to study potential freeway-grade realignments of US 60 past the current eastern terminus of the Superstition Freeway in Apache Junction. The current route through Show Low was completed sometime between 1935 and 1938. In Show Low, US 60 intersects SR 260 and briefly runs concurrently with SR 260 as it heads northeast through the city. For example if you wish t… You can click more than two points in order to build up a continuous route. U.S. Route 60 (US 60) is an east–west United States Highway within Arizona. You can also change the radius by either dragging the marker on the outside of the circle or by entering the radius in the field below and clicking edit circle. US 60 curves towards the east at this junction as it heads to Superior and an interchange with SR 177. The route has junction with U.S. Highway 63 in Zumbro Falls and a junction with U.S. Highway 61 in Wabasha. US 60 continues to run concurrent with I-17 around the Durango Curve and continues east until it again reaches I-10 at the interchange known as "The Split." The main route was moved to a new viaduct over the railroad in 1977, and the truck route and original route were decertified. The two highways curve towards the north before curving back towards the northeast as they head towards Show Low. The freeway continues towards the east to a second interchange with Loop 101 (Price Freeway). State Highway 60 serves as an east–west marked route in southern Minnesota between Worthington, Windom, St. James, Mankato, Faribault, Zumbrota, and Wabasha. Between Wickenburg and Phoenix, the route is known as Grand Avenue (or the Phoenix–Wickenburg Highway). ADOT is currently in the study phase of adding additional lanes between Loop 101 and Loop 303 in the far West Valley. Download individual pages from the 2011 Upper Mississippi River Navigation Charts book as pdf files. Once over the river, the freeway continues towards Tempe to an interchange with SR 143. The western terminus of US 60 is located at an interchange with I-10 east of Quartzite. Interactive Maps. Exit numbers are often associated with the miles where they are located. It continues this direction until it reaches Aguila. It has an intersection with SR 74 in Morristown as it continues towards the southeast. Use the miles / km / nautical miles / yards switch to measure distances in km or in miles or nautical miles. Along the freeway, US 60 passes along the south side of the airport and over a bridge traversing the Salt River. - Photo courtesy of Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash. You can also change the radius by either dragging the marker on the outside of the circle or by entering the radius in the field below and clicking edit circle. [23], US 60X begins near Grand Avenue and Thomas Road at exit 160, where US 60 leaves Grand Avenue for Thomas Road. The Autopan option will move the map as you click the points. [8] US 60 through Arizona has had far fewer major changes than some other U.S. routes, but one notable example is being replaced by Interstate 10 between Los Angeles, California, and the highway's current terminus near Quartzsite. After the curve, I-10 and US 60 part ways in Tempe, with I-10 continuing towards the south and US 60 now heading east along the Superstition Freeway. From Tempe to Apache Junction, it is known as the Superstition Freeway.


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