Now you know the benefits of magnesium for our body are numerous and varied. Magnesium helps to support healthy muscle performance. Taking more magnesium to decrease inflammation may help to prevent chronic diseases associated with aging (106, 107, 108). Indeed, in some cases, patients have reported (28) significant side effects, namely in the form of diarrhea. It has also been found that magnesium is necessary for muscle performance (52). So if you have a low fiber diet, it is particularly important to make sure you are getting enough magnesium (and water). This can result in impairment to the structure and function of proteins and DNA (117​, 118). Considering how common magnesium deficiency is, it is reasonable to expect that many individuals could experience improvements if they do take a supplement. Studies (26, 27, 90, 91) have been conducted to see whether magnesium is useful as a treatment for migraines. But did you know that magnesium helps to regulate other important nutrients in the body as well? The substance is a solid, and is gray in color with a shiny appearance. So along with keeping you energized by supporting ATP function, getting enough magnesium helps your body to keep oxidative stress from getting out of control. Another way is to start taking magnesium supplements. Strangely enough, the effects of magnesium may be age dependent in part. But this is only one of the ways in which magnesium acts on your body and mind to help restore restful sleep. KEY POINT: There are several types of tests for magnesium deficiency, but none of them provide entirely accurate results due to the fact that magnesium is stored largely in bone tissue rather than in the bloodstream. It can be taken orally or applied to the site of the allergy topically. The recommended daily dose for the average adult is 300-420mg of magnesium. You also have learned that magnesium deficiency is common, even in first world countries. This means that your health professional may very well simply advise you to take magnesium supplements if he or she suspects you are in need of them - regardless of your test results. Magnesium also widens your blood vessels, reduces inflammation, improves the metabolism of fat, and prevents blood platelet aggregation (see the linked source above). ​24. Further research is needed in order to get a better understanding of the mechanism which leads to these benefits. This suggests that taking magnesium may help to prevent certain forms of cancer. Here are 5 reasons you may consider as a reason to start taking a good quality magnesium … This immune-bolstering effect has been observed in clinical settings with reference to skin allergy. As you will recall, elderly persons are at a heightened risk for magnesium deficiency. At the start of the study, none of the subjects had any history of diabetes, cancer or cardiovascular disease. That way you can support your body-wide health. A study on middle-aged overweight women (122) on magnesium intake and inflammation drew the same conclusions. Additionally, taking magnesium supplements can increase muscle strength (53). ATP stands for ​"adenosine tri-phosphate.​", ATP is responsible for carrying and transporting energy in your body. In another study (97), it was found that taking 450 mg of magnesium daily resulted in a decline of both diastolic and systolic blood pressure. KEY POINT: Low levels of magnesium adversely affect muscle performance. While it is not actually a disease, if is a condition which can increase your risk of serious disease. It is possible that magnesium deficiency plays a role in CFS. I eventually figured out that if I cut my magnesium tablets in half, I was getting the right amount not to cause this side effect. KEY POINT: Magnesium deficiency is incredibly common, to the point where the majority of people in the US are estimated to get less magnesium than they should. Upper Intake Levels (ULs) have also been established for magnesium supplements. It should be noted however (98) that the improvements in blood pressure with magnesium supplementation have so far only been observed in those who have elevated blood pressure to begin with. Right now, scientists still are not sure what mechanism might be involved (45), but it seems likely that magnesium acts on a few different systems which are connected to depression. Essentially, regular, moderate workouts have been noted to improve the function of the immune system. This is a study where correlation does not necessarily equal causality. KEY POINT: There are some studies which show benefits of magnesium for pregnant women and newborn children. More research is needed on human subjects in order to confirm this potential benefit. KEY POINT: You may be able to reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease and reduce arrhythmias by taking magnesium supplements or adding more magnesium to your diet. Magnesium can improve insulin resistance. Keep reading and you will find out in this OneHowTo article what magnesium is good for and why this nutrient should be a part of your everyday diet. The reason for this is that your kidneys are able to flush out the extra magnesium. So as you get older, take extra care to make sure you are getting adequate magnesium in your diet. More research is needed in order to verify that these findings are significant and reliable. ​4. Magnesium has anti-inflammatory properties. The beneficial effects of magnesium supplementation have also been seen on athletes participating in a triathlon. Further, magnesium is used in the transport of blood sugar to muscle tissue. Diarrhea from magnesium supplement use is actually pretty common. Indeed, according to the source above, magnesium is the fourth most common cation found in vertebrates. How long do you need to soak? The study linked above found that the risk of mortality associated with cardiovascular issues can drop 28% with a diet which includes more whole grains, veggies, nuts, and other magnesium-rich foods. So if you use magnesium to relax your tense muscles, this can result in a reduction in muscle soreness as well as referred pain. This relationship was particularly pronounced among men with hypertension. Even if your blood sugar levels are normal, you can reduce insulin resistance through magnesium supplementation (105). If you suffer from chronic constipation, that may be a sign that something is lacking in your diet. But you may also notice it even with a sedentary lifestyle. For example, in this study (49) which looked at magnesium intake in apparently healthy women, it was found that markers of systemic inflammation decreased modestly in proportion to higher magnesium intake.


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