P: 844-387-8688 By using our site, you accept our, Calcium Chloride, Anhydrous, Pellets, 4 to 8 Mesh, Laboratory Grade, 500 g, Calcium Chloride, Anhydrous, Pellets, 4 to 8 Mesh, Laboratory Grade, 2 kg, Calcium Chloride, Anhydrous, Granular, 8 Mesh, Laboratory Grade, 500 g, Calcium Chloride Solution, 1.0 M Aqueous, Laboratory Grade, 500 mL, Calcium Chloride Solution, 0.1 M Aqueous, Laboratory Grade, 500 mL, Biochemistry, Organic Chemistry & Polymers, Inquiries in Science Environmental Science, K-8 Curriculum & FOSS Living Shipments & Coupons, View all Environmental, Earth & Space Science. Login Ammonium Bicarbonate, Digital microscopes are great for large classroom computer combined instruction. Benzoic Acid, Hydrazine Hydrate, Sodium Metabisulfite, This author provides an excellent student lab-report format, explains how it adapts to different science disciplines, and suggests simple labs to familiarize students with it. Calcium chloride dry products are commercially available as 77-87% CaCl2 flake, 74-96% CaCl2 pellets, 80% powder, and, 77% calcium chloride nuggets. EDTA (Acid & Salt), Calcium chloride cannot be defined as an organic compound, as an organic carbon, by definition, must contain carbon. Calcium chloride (chemical formula CaCl 2:XH 2 O) is a salt of calcium and chlorine and is commercially sold in:. Make difficult concepts easy to learn! In this activity, students engage in a game of beanbag toss—but instead of merely keeping score, they explore statistical concepts such as mean, median, mode, and range. EMULSIFIER 9.5, The Solvay process, or ammonia-soda process, is the major … Quality selection of science lab glassware designed to address accuracy and safety. K–8 inquiry-based, hands-on science curriculum that paves the way to deep understanding of phenomena through 3-dimensional learning. Not all of the limestone that is calcined is converted to quicklime and carbon dioxide (in reaction II); the residual calcium carbonate and other components of the limestone become wastes. Calcium chloride can be produced directly from limestone, but large amounts are also produced as a byproduct of the Solvay process. Unpaved surfaces become and remain compacted and over time, the chemical penetrates the surface adding a stabilizing effect to reduce frost damage and overall wear. All of our dry calcium chloride products are packaged in 50-pound bags, 2,205-pound super sacks, and in bulk. pH testing made easy with all the supplies you need for your biology and chemistry classrooms or laboratory practices. P: +50-7-771-5197 Please select your store to see pricing and to order online. Ethylene Glycol, Carolina Biological Supply Company, 2700 York Road, Burlington, NC 27215-3398 • 800.334.5551, We use cookies to provide you with a great user experience. PURE Calcium Chloride (4 oz. It is useful because it absorbs moisture and gives off heat. Maintenance costs for a calcium chloride-treated road are much less than untreated roads. Affordable price with superior performance. Unlike some other products that blend various ice melting ingredients, driveway heat is 100% of the most effective de-icer available. Rutile, Benzene, It consistently delivers safe surfaces for commercial and residential building owners and facilities managers without damaging granite steps, tile entrance ways, or sensitive environmentally friendly landscape features and surrounding vegetation. Industrial Oil, Carolina is your quality source for a well-equipped lab. The inhalation of calcium chloride dust can result in shortness of breath and coughing. You can improve safety for drivers and pedestrians by treating roads, parking lots, driveways, and walkways with extra-fast working calcium chloride products that provide dependable snow removal with minimal damage. SOUTH AFRICA, TELL: +27 110 262 434 In fact, it is only known to naturally occur in four highly uncommon minerals: antarcticite, chlorocalcite, sinjarite, and tachyhydrite. CaCl2 is also a common food ingredient and is “Generally Recognized as Safe” by the US Food and Drug Administration. Ferric Chloride, Common applications for calcium chloride include: There are many methods of manufacturing calcium chloride: Because of its hygroscopic nature, all forms of calcium chloride must be kept in tightly-sealed containers. It’s all about the interactions among land, water, living organisms, the atmosphere, and beyond. Trisodium Phosphate, etc. Formic Acid, Carolina understands. We serve educators in more than 170 countries worldwide. Zircon Flour, Karanj Oil, Skype Name :mgchemicalmanufacturerptyltd Indian Standard Sand, Potassium Metabisulfite, Sodium Sulfate, etc. No other ice melter out performs calcium chloride … Potassium Persulfate, tealium_obj.productSubCat1 = ["Chemistry"]; Sodium Bicarbonate, etc. Complete care instructions and tips for bacteria cultures, Complete care instructions and tips for painted lady butterflies. Calcium Nitrate, PEG-4000, etc. Calcium chloride (CaCl2) is a salt compound that is made up of calcium and chlorine. Carolina offers a variety of resources and products to help your students delve into the emerging area of Genetics. Calcium Carbonate, Put two antacids and 30 grams of pure salt in a container. Calcium chloride has been used for over 100 years in North America as a road base stabilizer and dust agent, and in the last fifty years it has gained significant use as a roadway deicer. In winter climates, calcium chloride is added to road salt to prevent ice buildup on the streets. There are sets available for all skill levels or can be customized. Calcium chloride is the first choice for road dust control products. The natural state of the compound itself is also quite dangerous, and requires proper protection for handling, as it can irritate the skin and can damage the respiratory system upon inhalation. In the mining industry, the compound is used in dust-proofing ore and coals, as well as freeze-resisting them to help them retain moisture.


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