In many individuals, the widow’s peak is naturally occurring and is simply the way in which their hairline is shaped. 30% This theory explains why hair loss tends to occur in the stereotypical pattern. 30% $ 7.99, Save Of course, keep in mind that treating hair loss in its beginning stages is easier and more effective in the long run. 30% 30% A few hairs on your pillow or bar of soap, which are completely normal and … $ 99.99, Save $ 78.00, Save $ 20.99 Here’s our process. A receding hairline is also indicative of hair loss and can extend to the temples. $ 15.99, Save The Difference Between a Widow’s Peak and a Receding Hairline. Once you have that information, you can work with the doctor to find a treatment solution that works for you. A widow’s peak, which is a dominant genetic trait and not an indicator of hair loss or susceptibility to hair loss. There are a few mechanisms by which minoxidil is believed to work. However, it is possible to grow back the hair which you’ve already lost. 30% Here's why. $ 4.89 First, you’ll learn what the widow’s peak is and where it got its unique name. Avoid using treatments that can damage hair, such as hot curling irons. $ 69.99 30% The device is placed on the head, where the headband will rest on four main regions of the scalp: occipital, parietal, frontal, and temporal. This type of hair loss is genetic, and hair loss above the temples is often the first sign. This hair loss can be a result of a number of conditions. The device works similarly to a scalp massage. If you’re not a fan of your late-in-life widow’s peak, then the solution beyond treatment may be a hair transplant. 30% A hair transplant is a surgical procedure. After all, how can you treat an issue when you don’t even know it’s cause? Eating a healthy diet that includes…. In the case of DHT, however, these areas also happen to be where DHT sensitivity occurs in those with a genetic predisposition. $ 10.99, Save All rights reserved. $ 6.29 $ 33.99, Save For decades, it’s been though that DHT sensitivity is the sole cause of pattern baldness. Velaterapia has many names, but is essentially the hair care practice of burning off split ends. 30% Even once you’ve gotten your hair loss under control, you may find that there is quite a bit of recession that remains. Try These 10 Tips, tight hairstyles such as ponytails or cornrows (. In this case, you’ll notice that the hair at the temples has receded and it will likely continue to do so if not handled. 30% A simple receding or balding?? These include illness and injury, hormone imbalance, nutrient deficiency, and autoimmune disorders. It may become more pronounced as your hairline matures, but you’ll most likely know it’s there from a young age. $ 6.99 This is due to a strong, inherited trait. The earlier you speak with a medical professional, the better chance you have of minimizing hair loss and even regrowing hair. These cookies do not store any personal information. The widow’s peak is a point of pride for some, and a curse for others. © 2005-2020 Healthline Media a Red Ventures Company. The best place to start is by setting up an appointment with your physician. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. This is why it’s recommended that you get your hair loss under control before you consider such a procedure. $ 30.99, Save $ 20.99 So why do many think it's not? For one, minoxidil is believed to contribute to the upregulation of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF) in dermal papilla cells. Is Velaterapia or Burning Off Split Ends Safe? This ensures the delivery of oxygen and nutrients, even when hair follicle miniaturization is present. $ 29.99, Blue, Buffalo Check Flatbill Trucker Snapback, Red, Buffalo Check Flatbill Trucker Snapback. Your primary care physician can help to rule out many of the easier-to-find culprits, such as nutrient deficiency and hormone imbalance. Scalp massage has the added benefit of reducing scalp tension, while microneedling may lead to hair follicle regeneration. $ 99.99 — Black, Save 30% $ 24.49 30% OFF SITE WIDE BLACK FRIDAY CYBER MONDAY SALE! Learn more, Save This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Many people experience hair loss at some point in their lives. Scalp massage and microneedling are manual techniques which promote blood circulation naturally. Whether instead of, or in addition to minoxidil, scalp massage and microneedling are also effective ways to promote blood circulation to the scalp. Other common causes of hair loss on the temples include: Hair loss associated with genetics such as male- or female-pattern baldness is not preventable, but there are steps you can take to reduce hair loss. This hairline style, after all, is quite unique. 70 Upper Richmond Road, Putney, London, UK, SW15 2RP. If you’ve noticed your hairline receding, you're not alone. But as recent research has revealed, there’s more to the story. Baby hairs are short, fine hairs that don’t always cooperate with your hairstyle. For other people, however, especially men, the widow’s peak can be a source of frustration – the indication of a hairline beginning to recede. Is Mineral Oil Good or Bad for Your Hair? If you buy through links on this page, we may earn a small commission. Put simply, it promotes the anagen phase of hair growth. In general, a natural widow’s peak is present from childhood. There are a number of conditions and behaviors that can result in hair loss on your temples. If you want to treat your hair loss at its source, then a scalp tension reduction device is a must. Healthline Media does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. One such theory is the scalp tension theory, and it makes a lot of sense. “Is my widow’s peak a sign of a mature hairline, or a receding one?”. $ 9.79 These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. $ 15.99, Save All content is strictly the opinion of the Hairguard writers and is for informational purposes only. While hair might begin thinning or falling for some people at a young age, most often, people experience the condition later in adulthood as they reach their 30s, 40s, or 50s. While hair loss often cannot be prevented altogether, there are treatment options available that can help slow the process or even regrow hair. Hair loss can occur on your temples — the region on the side of your head, behind your eyes and between your ear and forehead. $ 6.29 In women, female-pattern baldness can result in hair becoming less dense, sometimes allowing the scalp to become visible, but typically does not include the receding hairline common with men.


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